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Method 26A

Method 26A

The Apex Instruments Method 26A Sampling Train is used for determination of hydrogen halide and halogen emissions. Method 26A is the isokinetic alternative to Method 26. This method is particularly suited for sampling sources controlled by wet scrubbers emitting acid droplets. The method requires a Method 5 sampling train with the use of additional impingers, reagents and PTFE coated glass fiber filter media.

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Method 26A – Determination of Hydrogen Halide and Halogen Emissions from Stationary Sources – EPA Literature PDF

Method 26A Sampling Train - Schematic

Method 26A Recommend Accessories

NG-SETSet of 7 Glass Nozzles - Sizes 4,6,8,10,12,14&16, Includes Case and Three 5/8” Glass Filled PFA Ferrules (spares recommended)
NTG-10U5/8" Glass-Filled PFA/PTFE Union Complete with Nuts and Ferrules
SB-4Impinger Box/Insulated Coolant Reservoir Model 150, Holds 8 Impingers
GF-3TPG3 inch PTFE coated glass fiber filters (100/box)
BS28WS#28 Ball and Socket Joint Clamp (Generic), Stainless Steel (13 total required)
GN-9AKKnock- Out Impinger, Short Stem, 500ml, Unground O-ring joints (1 required for method, 1 spare recommended)
GN-9AOImpinger Assembly, Stem with Orifice & Plate, 500ml, Unground O-Ring Joints, Greenburg-Smith (2 required for method, 1 spare recommended)
GN-9AImpinger Assembly, Plain Stem, Modified Greenburg-Smith, Unground 500ml (3 required for method, 1 spare recommended)
GN-11U-Tube, #28 Unground Sockets (5 required, 1 spare recommended)
NBT-1/2Nozzle Brush, 1/2” diameter, PTFE Bristles
PBX-10T10 foot Flexible PFA Probe Brush Extension, Brush not Included (other lengths available)
PBT-5/8PTFE Probe Brush Tip (PTFE Barrel and Bristles), 5/8 inch Bristle Diameter

When stack temperatures exceed 210oC (410oF) a one-piece glass nozzle/liner assembly is recommended.