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Method 29 System

Method 29 System

The Method 29 determination of metal emissions from hazardous waste incinerators involves a modification of the Method 5 train. The sampling train is the same as a Method 5 particulate train with the addition of up to three impingers to enhance the collection of metals of interest. The impinger train requires the SB-4 impinger case, glass nozzle and probe liner, and a non-metallic union. The method has been validated for the collection of 17 different metals.

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Method 29 – Determination of Metals Emissions from Stationary Sources – EPA Literature PDF

*The standard glass filters are replaced with low background quartz filters. The impinger solutions are specific for different metals. Recovered samples are digested and appropriate fractions are analyzed by various means; inductively coupled argon plasma emission spectroscopy (ICPES), atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) or graphite furnace AAS, depending upon sensitivity required or the matrix effects on the specific analyte.*

Method 29 Sampling Train - Schematic

Method 29 Recommended Accessories

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Stainless steel ball joint clamp (generic, #28)
3.25-inch (82.6 mm) quartz fiber filters, LabExact...
U-tube, #28 unground sockets
Impinger assembly, plain stem, 500 mL, unground O-ring Joints...
Knock-out impinger, short stem, 500 mL, unground O-ring...
Impinger assembly, stem with orifice and plate, 500 mL, unground...
PFA nozzle brush, 1/2-inch diameter, PFA barrel and...
Glass Nozzle Set (NG-SET-S)
Small quartz nozzle set (sizes 4-10)
5/8-inch glass-filled PFA/PTFE union complete with...
PTFE probe brush tip (PTFE barrel and PTFE bristles), 5/...
10-foot flexible PTFE probe brush extension (brush not included)
SB-4 Impinger Case
Apex Instruments impinger cases are constructed from thick aluminum to...