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Method 2F 3D System

Method 2F 3D System

The Apex Accu-Flow Measurement System is used for performing EPA Method 2G. The system uses a two-dimensional 3-hole prism-shaped pitot for accurately measuring flow rates for angular flow. This system provides a way for testers to improve the measurement of volumetric flow rate under cyclonic flow conditions found in some stacks and ducts. Multiple probes reduce the time for the flow Audits, therefore keeping the system as efficient as possible. Oversized sensor ports reduce plugging. The 1/4” pressure lines have quicker response and are less likely to leak than standard 1/8” lines.

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Method 2 – Determination of Stack Gas Velocity and Volumetric Flow Rate with Using an S-type Pitot – EPA Literature PDF

Method 2F- Determination of  Stack Gas Velocity and Volumetric Flow Rate with Two-Dimensional Probes – EPA Literature PDF

Method 2G- Determination of  Stack Gas Velocity and Volumetric Flow Rate with Two-Dimensional Probes – EPA Literature PDF


The Apex Instruments XC-3D55 3-D Flow Measurement Console is used in conjunction with various pitots to determine velocity pressure, yaw angle and pitch angle of the flow velocity vector in a stack or duct according to U.S. EPA Method 2, 2F or 2G (the determination of stack gas velocity and volumetric flow rate with three-dimensional probes).

The XC-3D55 console easily interfaces with the UINC-3D-## Umbilical/Inclinometer Assembly through a series of 1/4” quick connects, a 4-pin circular connector and a Type K Thermocouple jack. Readings for Stack Temperature, Velocity Pressure, Pitch Pressure and Yaw Angle are displayed respectively through a display, process meters and a totalizer. The Null Angle is displayed through a Magnehelic.

Meter Console Specifications (XC-3D55):
Stack Temperature: Type-K Thermocouple.
Velocity Pressure: (P1-P2) Range ±5” H2O.
Yaw Null: Bidirectional (P2-P3) Range ±5” H2O 5 Bi.
Pitch Range: Bidirectional (P4-P5) Range ±5” H2O 5 Bi.
Yaw Angle Range: 180° (static >360°). +/-.01°
Breaker Switch: Magnetic Type Circuit Breaker Rocker Switch

3D Flow Modular System Components

XC-3D55Digital 3-D Flow Measurement Console Digital Displays for temperature, velocity pressure, pitch pressure, yaw angle
3DPT23-D Pitot, 5 hole prism-shaped tip with 2’ sheath supplied with five 1/8” to 1/4” tube unions
32PTX-❑Probe Extension, 2” Diameter Sheath, Split Collar Clamp with 1” ID, Specify Length
PF-46XT32SPort Flange with Extension, Flange Fits, 4 & 6 Inch Ports
32M/32B-B2 in. Bored Brass Bushing, 2 in. MNPT with 2.035 in. Bore
PG-32S2 in. Packing Gland, SS Body & Nut, 2 In. MNPT, PTFE ferrule included
PT-CAL-W2F❑❑3-D Pitot Calibration (Wind Tunnel), Specifiy Pitch Angles and Velocities
UINC-3D-❑3-D Inclinometer Pod and Umbilical Cord, Specity Umbilical Cord Length in Feet
U-PTX-❑❑❑❑2 in. Dia. Pitot Sheath Extension, See Legend above for Specifics
AK-M2Audit Kit


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