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Method 4 Sampling Kit

Method 4 Sampling Kit

EPA Method 4 is used to determine the moisture content of stack gases. A gas sample is extracted at a constant rate from the source. Moisture is then removed from the sample stream and the condensate is measured either by volume or by mass. 

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The new Method 4 Sampling Kit from Apex Instruments features the SB-6 impinger case. Designed specifically for a flexible Method 4 train arrangement, the SB-6 is crafted with lightweight stainless steel for durability and ease. The raised sides ensure that glassware is protected even in treacherous circumstances. Built with integrated strain reliefs and a leak-proof plastic liner, the SB-6 is the latest innovation in bringing efficiency to stack testing.

For your convenience, the sampling kit is fully customizable within the parameters of Method 4. Below is a list of recommended components for a 240-volt system.  

Console: XC-53B-MV
Gas Sampling Probe: PC10-6S-F6C14V 
Split Umbilical Cable: US4-30B-15C13
Unheated Sample Line: USL-15-QF6S 
Impinger Case: SB-6 
Basic Method 4 Glassware Set: GT-CGS-M4  

 *Please note that some part numbers are variable to change based on specific testing site conditions. Contact our sales team for more information. 

Find the EPA’s Method 4 documentation here.

Simultaneous Method 2/4 Sampling

Method 4 testing is frequently conducted simultaneously with Method 2, which is used to determine flow rate. The train used for testing flow rate and moisture differs from the standard Method 4 kit. We recommend using the more robust XD-502B console to assist with accurately collecting and recording data. A Method 5 probe with a pitot tip is required to measure flow rate.




Below is a full list of recommended components for simultaneous Method 2/4 testing.   

Console: XD-502B-MV
Probe: PS-6-HM308C14V
Internal Probe Liner: PLF6-6S
Split Umbilical Cable: USM17-90-10C13
Sample Line: USL-15-F6S
Impinger Case: SB-6 
Glassware: GT-CGS-M4 SET