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Method CTM-13

Method CTM-13

Controlled Condensate is an alternative to EPA Method 8 for determining sulfuric acid emissions. Sulfuric acid vapor or mist and the sulfur dioxide are separated by controlling the condensation based on difference in dew points, and both fractions are measured separately by the barium-thorin titration method. Controlled condensation method is the primary sampling and analytical tool for quantifying sulfuric acid emissions from stationary sources. The method is based upon the selective condensation of sulfuric acid from a gas stream by means of a water cooled condenser. The major advantage of the condensation method is that it provides reliable reproducible SO3 and SO2 values with minimal interference from high SO2 concentrations.

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To Get Started:

  1. Select a meter console that is appropriate for the test method and select a configuration that suits your specific conditions.
  2. Select an external pump.
  3. Select method specific accessories and kits to complete your system.
Part #Description
XC-522Standard English Manual Meter Console, 120V/60 Hz.
XC-572Standard Metric Manual Meter Console, 120V/60Hz.
XC-5000Automated Isokinetic Method 5 Meter Console, 120V/60Hz.
XE-0523External Rotary Vane Pump Assembly in RotoMolded Plastic Enclosure, 120V.
XE-0523-VExternal Rotary Vane Pump Assembly in RotoMolded Plastic Enclosure, 240V.
SK-CCControlled Condensate Kit, 120V.
SK-CC-VControlled Condensate Kit, 240V.