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MGN-CGS Midget Glassware Set

MGN-CGS Midget Glassware Set

Midget Glassware & Accessories (Method 6)

Midget glass impingers feature unground double O-Ring 24/40 taper joint and 12/5 O-Ring ball joints. Bottle capacity is 40ml. The Insulated Sample Tray with Drain Valve (MSB-1) can hold a Midget Glassware Set (MGN-CGS) and two nontoxic Ice Packs (ICE-16). The ice packs allow quick turn around. At the end of the run simply remove the ice packs and drain the water before purging. Set includes impingers (plain and orifice), U-Tubes, Connectors and Clamps.

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Midget Glassware Set Includes:


  • 4 Miget Impingers (MGN-1A, 1 MGN-1AO)
  • 12/5 joints, 3 U-tubes, (MGN-2)
  • 1 L-connectors, (MGN-6)
  • 10 #12 Pinch Clamps, (BS12)
  • MSB-2 Drain Tray with Drain Valve, Foam and Ice Packs

The Apex Instruments Method 6 and Method 26 Sampling Kits are normally used in conjunction with the XC-60 or Model 623 Source Sampler Console or alternative metering devices. The midget impingers can be used for many methods, including NIOSH and OSHA methods. The Method 6 Sampling Kit (SK-606) can be modified for U.S. EPA Method 26 with the addition of the SK-626 Kit.