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Midget Impinger Assembly

MGN-1A Impinger Assembly

Midget Impinger Assembly

Midget glass impingers feature unground double O-Ring 24/40 taper joint and 12/5 O-Ring ball joints. Bottle capacity is 40ml. The Insulated Sample Tray with Drain Valve (MSB-1) can hold a Midget Glassware Set and two nontoxic Ice Packs. The ice packs allow quick turn around. At the end of the run simply remove the ice packs and drain the water before purging. Set includes impingers (plain and orifice), U-Tubes, Connectors and Clamps.

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The Apex Instruments Method 6 and Method 26 Sampling Kits are normally used in conjunction with
the XC-60 or Model 623 Source Sampler Console or alternative metering devices. The midget impingers
can be used for many methods, including NIOSH and OSHA methods. The Method 6 Sampling Kit
(SK-606) can be modified for U.S. EPA Method 26 with the addition of the SK-626 Kit.

Midget Glassware