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Nippon SGM-8T Mercury Monitor

Nippon SGM-8T Mercury Monitor

Compared with the traditional continuous emission mercury monitors (CEMMs). the ultra-compact SGM-8 offers simplified set-up and measurement in the field for Parametric Mercury Testing and Mercury Control Technology Evaluation. The SGM-8 includes an easy-to-operate full-color touch-panel display. Moreover, by using the combination of 2 sets of SGM-8, real-time mercury speciation measurement is possible … truly versatile!!

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With a very compact and lightweight design. the SGM-8 is easy to install and operate at elevated and space-constraint locations near the stack sampling points that are not accessible when using traditional heavy analyzers. Since the SGM-8 does not require additional equipment and only needs minimal space. multiple stack gas measurements are possible with only one unit. Unlike the solution absorption methods, such as the Ontario-Hydro Method. real-time measurements are achieved, allowing for real-time research, certification, and optimization of combustion systems.