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Ontario-Hydro (Method ASTM D6784-02) System

Ontario-Hydro (Method ASTM D6784-02) System

In the Ontario-Hydro Method (ASTM D6784-02) a sample is withdrawn from the flue gas stream isokinetically through probe/filter system, maintained at 120OC (250OF) or the flue gas temperature (whichever is greater), followed by a series of impingers in an ice bath.




Particle-bound mercury is collected in the front half of the sampling train. Oxidized mercury is collected in impingers containing a chilled aqueous potassium chloride solution. Elemental mercury is collected in subsequent impingers (one impinger containing chilled aqueous acidic solution of hydrogen peroxide and three impingers containing chilled aqueous solutions of potassium permanganate). Samples are recovered, digested, and then analyzed for mercury using cold-vapor atomic absorption (CVAAS) or fluorescence spectroscopy (CVAFS). The scope of the method applies to determination of elemental, oxidized, particle-bound and total mercury emissions from coal-fired stationary sources with concentrations ranging from approximately .05 to 100 ug/dscm. The sample train configuration is similar to EPA Method 5.

Ontario-Hydro - Schematic

Ontario-Hydro Recommended Accessories

ProductConversion Accessories
NG-SETSet of 7 Glass Nozzles - Sizes 4,6,8,10,12,14&16, Includes Case and Three 5/8” Glass Filled PFA Ferrules (spares recommended)
NTG-10U5/8" Glass-Filled PFA/PTFE Union Complete with Nuts and Ferrules
SB-4Impinger Box / Insulated Coolant Reservoir, holds up to 8 Impingers
GF-3Q3” Quartz Fiber Filters, 25/Box
BS28WS#28 Ball and Socket Joint Clamp (Generic), Stainless Steel (17 required total)
GN-9AGreenburg-Smith Impinger (with orifice), Unground (6 required for method, 2 spare recommended)
GN-9AOImpinger Assembly, Stem with Orifice & Plate, 500ml, Unground O-Ring Joints, Greenburg-Smith (2 required for method, 1 spare recommended)
GN-11U-Tube, #28 Unground Sockets (7 total required, 1 spare recommended)
NBT-1/2Nozzle Brush, 1/2 inch diameter, PTFE Bristles
PBX-10T10 foot Flexible PTFE Probe Brush Extension, Brush not Included
PBT-5/8PTFE Probe Brush Tip (PTFE Barrel AND PTFE Bristles), 5/8 inch Bristle Diameter