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PFA Column Components

PFA Column Components

PFA Column Components are PFA fluorocarbon resin and inert to virtually all chemicals. All are usable for a wide variety of temperature ranges from below 32°F to 500°F (0°C to 260°C). The individual components can be assembled for a variety of uses. Components can be purchased separately and assemble according to project specifications.

Use the table below to find your specific component need and include it with your quote request.

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  • Unbreakable
  • Leak Tight without Sealants
  • Grooved for Heat Transfer
  • Adaptable for Adding Recirculation Fittings
  • Quick Connections with Preformed Tube Bends
Part #Segmented PFA Column and Accessories
T501PFA Column End Cap, Solid
T501-4PFA Column End Cap with 1/4" Tube Fitting
T501-4-2PFA Column End Cap with two 1/4" Tube Fittings
T501-6PFA Column End Cap with 3/8" Tube Fitting
T501-6-2PFA Column End Cap with two 3/8" Tube Fittings
T502PFA Column Connector
T504PFA Column Segment
T504-4PFA Column Segment with 1/4" Tube Fitting
T504-6PFA Column Segment with 3/8" Tube Fitting
T504-47PFA Column Segment - Adapts to 47 mm Filter Holder
T504SPFA Column Segment slides into T504
T570PFA Column Segment, Solid Bottom