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PM1 Cyclone Set

PM1 Cyclone Set

Apex Instruments offers a cyclone designed for sampling very fine particulate matter in the 1.5 to 0.5 micron range. The cyclone is based on the cyclone “V” from the Multi-stage cyclone system designed and calibrated by Southern Research Institute under contract for the EPA. The design has been modified to accept the nozzles from the PM 2.5 cyclone, which has been expanded to a set of 12 different size nozzles. The sample flow rate must be maintained, in which the constant rate determines the actual “D50” cut-point. The cyclone is followed by a 47 mm filter assembly. Quartz or PTFE coated glass fiber filters should be used to minimize reactivity with the flue gas. The cyclone and nozzles are constructed from grade 316 stainless steel with Viton o-rings. Other materials are available upon request for corrosive or high temperature applications.

**PM1 Cyclones require a 4″ port.**

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**PM2.5 Cyclones require a 4″ port.**

Part #Description
PM1Cyclone Body Assembly
PM1-KCyclone Kit

 PM1 Cyclone Body Assembly:

Part #Description
PM1-BCyclone Body Only, PM1 Stainless Steel Machined Parts Only, Does Not Include O-Rings.
PM1-CCyclone Collection Cap, PM 1, Stainless Steel.
PM1-TCyclone Outlet, PM 1, Stainless Steel.
O-017V6 Viton O-Rings, Size 017, Fits PM1.
Replacement Parts and Accessories:
PM1PM1 Cyclone Only, Stainless Steel with Viton® O-Rings.
O-017V6 Viton O-Rings, Size 017, Fits PM1.
O-017HHigh Temperature Stainless Steel O-Ring for PM1, Cyclone.


Extended Pitot Tip for PM1, Designate Length in mm.

PM1-K Cyclone Kit:

Part #Description
PM10-CASEPM10 Case with Foam Insert.
PM2-NSSet of 12 Stainless Steel Nozzles for PM 2.5 Cyclone.
PM1PM1 Cyclone Body Assembly, Stainless Steel with Viton O-rings.
SFA-47Method 17 Stainless Steel In-Stack Filter Unit, 5/8 inch Tube Unions, uses 47mm diameter Filter Element.
AZNI-4Premium Grade Antiseize, Nickel Based, 1/4 oz Tube, -65F to 2600F