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PM10 Cyclone Kit

PM10 Cyclone Kit

PM10 is used for Method 201A testing and is designed for in-stack measurement of particulate matter equal to or less than 10 microns. The shank has a 5/8” outer diameter for easy adaptation to in stack 47mm SFA or Probe. The PM10 Cyclone kit includes cyclone assembly, PM10 nozzle set, 47mm Filter assembly and carry case. Kits are availabe in Stainless Steel or Alloy 600, threaded or not threaded.

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PM10-K-NT Break-away Cyclone Assembly

**PM10 Cyclones require a 4″ port.**

PM10 Order Options

Part #Description
PM10Cyclone Body Assembly
PM10-INCOInconel Cyclone Body Assembly.
PM10-KCyclone Kit
PM10-K-INCOInconel Cyclone Kit.
PM10-NT-KCyclone Kit with No Threads and Break-Away Bolt Clamp Assembly.
PM10-NT-K-INCOInconel Cyclone Kit with No Threads with Break-Away Bolt Clamp Assembly.

PM10 Cyclone Body Assembly:

Part #Description
PM10-BCyclone Body.
PM10-CCollection Cup.
PM10-TTop, Outlet for the PM2.5.
O-032V6 Viton O-rings, for PM10 Cyclone.
N-105/8 inch Stainless Steel Tube Nut.
10FF-S5/8 Stainless Steel Ferrule Front.
10FB-S5/8 Stainless Steel Ferrule Back.

PM10-K Cyclone Kit:

Part #Description
PM10-CASEPM10 Case with Foam Insert.
PM10-NSSet of 12 Stainless Steel Nozzles for PM 2.5 Cyclone.
PM10PM2.5 Cyclone Body Assembly, Stainless Steel with Viton O-rings.
SFA-47Method 17 Stainless Steel In-Stack Filter Unit, 5/8 inch Tube Unions, uses 47mm diameter Filter Element.
AZNI-4Premium Grade Antiseize, Nickel Based, 1/4 oz Tube, -65F to 2600F

 Replacement Parts and Accessories:

Part #Description
Modular Pitot Tips:
MPT-6-255-OFF-WCExtended Offset Pitot Tip for PM10, Wind Calibrated
MPT-6-425-OFF-WCExtended Offset Pitot Tip for Multiple Cyclones, PM2.5 and PM10, Wind Calibrated
SFA-47Filter Assembly, 47mm, 5/8” TU, Stainless Steel, Viton O-Rings.
SFA-47SSScreen, Filter Support, 47mm, Stainless Steel.
SFA-47RFGFilter Ring Guard, Stainless Steel.
SF-TT20Thrust Ring for SFA-47 Filter.
GF-47QFilters, Quartz Fiber, 47mm, 25 per Box.
GF-4747mm Glass Fiber Filter for SFA-47.
GFT-47PFA/Glass Filber Filter for SFA-47.
O-032VViton O-Rings for PM10 Cyclone, (2 per cyclone).
O-032HHigh Temperature O-Ring for PM10 Cyclone, Stainless Steel.
O-223VViton O-Ring for SFA-47 Filter, (260°C/500°F).
O-223HHigh Temperature O-Ring for SFA-47 Filter, (650°C/1200°F).
PM10-BAC-KBreak-Away Bolt Clamp Kit for PM10 Cyclone Assembly. Includes Front & Back Plates, Screws and Nuts.
AZNI-4Anti-Seize, .25 oz. Tube, Premium Grade Anti-seize, Nickel.
PM-2.5-10CSoftware, Particle Sizing for PM2.5 and PM10 Cyclones.