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PM2.5 Cyclone Kit

PM2.5 Cyclone Kit

The PM2.5 Cyclone is used for in-stack measurement of particulate matter equal to or less than 2.5 microns. The shank has a 5/8” outer diameter for easy adaptation to the Method 5 Probe Assemblies. The PM2.5 kit is enclosed in a sturdy plastic case and includes the cyclone body, 12 nozzles, filter and o-rings. Kits are available in stainless steel or Alloy 600, threaded or not threaded.

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PM2 Stainless Steel Cyclone Body and Cap with Viton O Rings
PM2 Stainless Steel Cyclone Body and Cap with Viton O Rings
PM2.5K Cyclone Assembly with Probe and Pitot PNG (website format)
Break-away design Cyclone (PM2-NT) shown with probe and pitot. The Kit does not include Pitot (PMT-6-425-OFF-WC).

**PM2.5 Cyclones require a 4″ port.**

PM2.5 Order Options

Part #Description
PM2Cyclone Body Assembly.
PM2-INCOInconel Cyclone Body Assembly.
PM2-KCyclone Kit.
PM2-K-INCOInconel Cyclone Kit.
PM2-NT-KCyclone Kit with No Threads and Break-Away Bolt Clamp Assembly.
PM2-NT-K-INCOInconel Cyclone Kit with No Threads and Break-Away Bolt Clamp Assembly.

PM2 Cyclone Body Assembly:

Part #Description
PM2-BCyclone Body.
PM2-CCollection Cup.
PM2-TTop, Outlet for the PM2.5.
O-024V6 O-Rings, PM2.5, 101/4 ODX Viton O-Ring for PM 2.5 Cyclone, Exit End and Pre-Cutter.
N-105/8 inch Stainless Steel Tube Nut.
10FF-S5/8 Stainless Steel Ferrule Front.
10FB-S5/8 Stainless Steel Ferrule Back.

PM2-K Cyclone Kit:

Part #Description
PM10-CASEPM10 Case with Foam Insert.
PM2-NSSet of 12 Stainless Steel Nozzles for PM 2.5 Cyclone.
PM2PM2.5 Cyclone Body Assembly, Stainless Steel with Viton O-rings.
SFA-47Method 17 Stainless Steel In-Stack Filter Unit, 5/8 inch Tube Unions, uses 47mm diameter Filter Element.
AZNI-4Premium Grade Antiseize, Nickel Based, 1/4 oz Tube, -65F to 2600F

Replacement Parts and Accessories:

Part #Description
Modular Pitot Tips:
MPT-6-181-OFF-WCExtended Offset Pitot Tip for PM2.5, Wind Calibrated
MPT-6-425-OFF-WCExtended Offset Pitot Tip for Multiple Cyclones, PM2.5 and PM10, Wind Calibrated
SFA-47Filter Assembly, 47mm, 5/8” TU, Stainless Steel, Viton O-Rings.
SFA-47SSScreen, Filter Support, 47mm, Stainless Steel.
SFA-47RFGFilter Ring Guard, Stainless Steel.
SF-TT20Thrust Ring for SFA-47 Filter.
GF-47QFilters, Quartz Fiber, 47mm, 25 per Box.
GF-4747mm Glass Fiber Filter for SFA-47.
GFT-47PFA/Glass Filber Filter for SFA-47.
O-024VViton O-Ring for PM2.5 Cyclone, (2 per cyclone).
O-024HHigh Temperature O-Ring for PM2.5 Cyclone, Stainless Steel.
O-223VViton O-Ring for SFA-47 Filter, (260°C/500°F).
O-223HHigh Temperature O-Ring for SFA-47 Filter, (650°C/1200°F).
PM2-BAC-KBreak-Away Bolt Clamp Kit for PM2.5 Cyclone Assembly. Includes Front & Back Plates, Screws and Nuts.
AZNI-4Anti-Seize, .25 oz. Tube, Premium Grade Anti-seize, Nickel.
PM-2.5-10CSoftware, Particle Sizing for PM2.5 and PM10 Cyclones.