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Precision Wet Test Meters

Precision Wet Test Meters

The model W-NK Wet gas meter is a net-volume type integrating flowmeter that employs a drum as the metering element. As the drum is sealed with water or other fluid, the model W-NK provides the measurement of any gas irrespective of the gas specific gravity and viscosity. Further, since this gas meter permits the measurement of very small flows, exhibits high reproducibility, and offers various other excellent features, it properly serves as a standard as well as a testing instrument.

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The regular version, previously sold as model B, is no longer available. Only model BE, the corrosion-resistant version, is available to be purchased.

Installation and Connection Instructional Video

W-NK-0.5BEMax flow 5 LPM, 0.5 liters per revolution4.5 kg420 mm290 mm190 mm
W-NK-1BEMax flow 10 LPM, 1 liter per revolution6.0 kg450 mm315 mm210 mm
W-NK-2BEMax flow 20 LPM, 2 liters per revolution9.0 kg390 mm350 mm255 mm
W-NK-2.5BEPrecision meter, 2.5-liter capacity, 5 to 1500 l/h9.0 kg390 mm350 mm255 mm
W-NK-5BEPrecision meter, 5-liter capacity, 5 to 3000 l/h25 kg575 mm455 mm295 mm
W-NK-10BEPrecision meter, 10-liter capacity, 20 to 6000 l/h35 kg656 mm535 mm380 mm

Note: Manometer sold separately. Call an Apex sales representative and ask for part number W-NK-1KPA.


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