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Dual Heater Alloy 276 Mercury Probe (Method 12B and 30B)

Dual Heater Alloy 276 Mercury Probe (Method 12B and 30B)

Apex Instruments Inc. Mercury Sorbent Trap Probes are designed for use with the Apex range of mercury sorbent trap sampling systems.  Manufactured using Hastelloy alloy for long term or highly corrosive sampling applications like PS-12B, the mercury probes are designed to perform paired sampling using 10-mm outer diameter sorbent traps. Optional stainless steel construction is available for short term sampling such as 30B or RATA testing. The sorbent traps are placed at the probe inlet to prevent mercury transportation losses during sampling. The traps are sealed in place with compression fittings using glass-filled PTFE ferrules.  Alloy 276 is recommended for the XC-6000 applications. Stainless steel probes are available for short term testing such as 30B or RATA applications.

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Mercury probes come in both single- and dual-heater configurations to keep the sample gas above the dew point and prevent condensation forming in the sample and on the sorbent traps. Dual heater configurations are recommended for PS-12B or other long term sampling applications where one heater heats the traps and the second heater heats the external portion of the probe outside of the stack. In short-term sampling applications such as 30B and RATA sampling, single heater probes utilizing only the trap section heater may be used.

Standard lengths are available from 4 to 12 feet. Custom lengths are available upon request.

All probes come with type-K thermocouples and insulated junction enclosures.

Include your specific length and option choices with your quote request.

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