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Quartz Fiber Filters

Quartz Fiber Filters

LabExact | Advantec | Pallflex | Generic Brand

Quartz fiber filters are manufactured from pure quartz without a binder and are ideal for ultra-low metal analyses, acidic gases (except Hydrofluoric) and aerosols, stacks and flue gas monitoring. Filters are pre-heated to reduce organic contaminates.

Apex Instruments recommends LabExact brand quartz fiber filters for testing that requires a 99.998% DOP retention efficiency (0.3 μm DOP) is per ASTM D 2986.

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LabExact Quartz Fiber Filters (our best seller)

  • High purity, binder-free quartz
  • Particle retention: 99.998% DOP
  • Heat-treated to reduce organic contamination
  • Basis weight: 85 g/m2
  • Maximum temperature: 1150ºC
  • Air flow rate: 1.1-1.35 m3/min (resistance 95 mmH2O @ 10.5 ft/min)

Advantec Quartz Fiber Filters

  • High purity: very low trace metal content, does not absorb NOx and SOx dioxides
  • Pre-fired at 1000ºC for 2 hours to reduce organic contamination
  • Particle retention: 99.99% DOP
  • Pressure drop: 0.45 kPa at 5 cm/sec
  • Store indefinitely: unaffected by humidity
  • Maximum operating temperature: 1000ºC
  • Thickness: 0.38 mm
  • Weight: 85 g/m2

Pallflex Quartz Fiber Filters

  • Pure quartz, no binder
  • Particle retention: 99.90% DOP (Does not meet EPA Method 5 requirements)
  • Thickness: 432 µm (17 mils)
  • Filter weight: 58 g/m2
  • Air flow rate: 73 L/min/cm2
  • Maximum operating temperature (air): 1093ºC (2000ºF)

Generic Brand Quartz Fiber Filters

  • 57.2 mm, doughnut shape
  • For use with Cascade Impactor