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S500 Series Dust Monitors

S500 Series Dust Monitors

Sintrol’s 5th Generation

  • Automatic range setup.
  • No manual adjustment required.
  • Automatic drift compensation.
  • No optical windows to be cleaned.
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Based on our Inductive Electrification technology, the Sintrol S510 is the most sensitive dust monitor ever. The new product maintains the reliability and robustness of our S300 series and in enhance with the capability to measure dust levels as low as 0.01 mg/m3.

Equipped with a 4–20 mA analog signal output and RS485 interface, S510 is used for trend monitoring. It is installed downstream from a baghouse, cyclone, dryer or other dust collection system to monitor filter performance as well as particulate emissions. It can also be used for process control in applications where the dust levels need to follow designated limits. S510 is designed for use in any process fitted with bag, ceramic, cartridge filters or cyclones where indicative (qualitative) monitoring is required.

With its three SPST relays and two independent signal outputs the S510 is also used to detect filter deterioration, blockage or breakage. The alarms can be used for process control (as an ON-OFF system) in flow – no flow situations in bulk solids handling and pneumatic transport applications. Very fast response time, a typical characteristic of these monitors, enables early detection and prevention of expensive product loss to the environment.


  • Robust pressure casted aluminum alloy for heavy industrial use.
  • Electronics are sealed into its own compartment for protection during setup and maintenance.
  • Large connection area with clear markings for fast and easy commissioning.
  • Robust connectors for simple installation.
  • SAFE – simple to use, finger protected switches.
  • Universal power supply for 12-24 VDC and 80-240 V.
  • Full Sintrol Network support including – USB connection for fast parameterization – RS485 – Wireless Network – Supports Modbus.
  • Bright, illuminated front for clear indication of alarms.
  • Adjustable damping times to either stabilize the output or react extremely fast in dangerous environments.
  • All instruments are normalized for seamless replacement.
  • The instrument comes standard with a Teflon coated probe to ensure a clean probe in almost all applications


S520 main features in addition to S510:

  • Three programmable SPST relays
  • Calibration to mg/m3
  • Three multi purpose signals
    • Output signals (as with S510)
    • 4…20 mA input signals
    • Adjustable voltage source for add-ons