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SGC-4000HG: Stirling Gas Cooler

SGC-4000HG: Stirling Gas Cooler

The Apex Instruments SGC-4000HG Stirling Gas Cooler is specially designed for removing moisture and acid gases from flue gas samples. This new gas cooler uses an industrial grade super efficient Free Piston Stirling Cooler (FPSC) for chilling the sample gas to remove moisture. The Stirling will provide a robust, closed, dual channel gas conditioning system to deliver dry, acid free gas to the meter console No peristaltic pumps to leak.

All applicable components are rated 120V/60Hz or 240V/50Hz.

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  • FPSC Chiller Module uses Environmentally Safe Helium Gas as a Refrigerant, no CFC’s.
  • The Module is Hermetically Sealed in Stainless Steel Casing for Fast and Easy Installation or Replacement as Necessary.
  • The Cold end of the FPSC is Inserted Directly into a Machined Anodized Aluminum Chiller Block.
  • C276 Hastelloy Serves as the Reverse Flow Condensate Separators.
  • Six Times Efficiency of Thermoelectric (peltier) Coolers.
  • Uses Less than 40w of Electricity.
  • 12 V DC Power Supply.

Features of the FPSC Stirling technology:SGC-4000HG Page Visual

  • Stirling thermodynamic cooling uses inert helium instead of refrigerants making them safer than tradition cooling technology
  • Constant set temperature
  • Integrated heater
  • Free Piston Stirling Cooler (FPSC) technology has  only two moving parts reducing the risk of failure
  • Closed system, no  condensate pump required. No refrigerant, eco friendly gasStirling Cooler Interior


  • Digital Temperature Control: +/- 1 OC, LED Display.
  • Inlet and Outlet Temperature: Typical Inlet Temperature: 250-3000 F (Heated Lines Set Point).
  • Cooling Capacity: >40 watts.
  • Dual Path Cooling Block: Anodized Aluminum.
  • Condensate Bottle: 1000 ml (safety coated glass).
  • Acid Scrubber Cartridges: 2 each. 500g Capacity.
  • Reverse Flow Condensate Separator: Alloy C276, 1” OD x 4” Reverse Flow Active Zone.
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 2 lpm at 20% H2O Channel.
  • Freeze Protection: 80w Heater.
  • Ambient Operating Temperature: 32 to 122 degress F. (0 to 50 degrees C).
  • Power Requirements: 120 V AC/2.5 amps. 240V Optional.
  • Rack Mount Dimensions (Without Bottles): HxWxD: 17”x16”x7” (43.2 cm x 40.6 cm x 17.8 cm).
  • Portable Dimensions: HxWxD: 22”x13.5”x23.75” (55.9 cm x 34.3 cm x 60.3 cm).
  • Rack Mount Weight: 25 lbs (11.4 kg).
HGU-6DJ6ft Umbilical cable jumper, SGC-4000HGP portable chiller to XC-260 or XC-30B console, unheated sample lines (1/4") for paired sampling
HGU-6DJ-66ft Umbilical cable jumper, SGC-4000HG chiller to XC-6000EPC console in 18U or 20U single enclosure, unheated sample lines (1/4") for paired sampling
HGU-6DJ-SC6ft Umbilical cable jumper, SC-30B to XC-260 console portable system, unheated sample lines (1/4") for paired sampling