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SGC-4000HGP: Portable Stirling Cooler

SGC-4000HGP: Portable Stirling Cooler

The Apex Instruments SGC-4000HGP Portable Stirling Gas Cooler is specially designed for removing moisture and acid gases from flue gas samples. SGC-4000HGP uses an industrial grade super efficient Free Piston Stirling Cooler (FPSC) for chilling the sample gas to remove moisture. The Stirling will provide a robust, closed, dual channel gas conditioning system to deliver dry, acid free gas to the meter console The SGC-4000HGP Portable Unit comes with a top handle for easy transport and a durable UHMW polyethylene 6U case with condensate collection bottles. The SGC-4000HGP is idea for use the with XC-30B console for performing Method 30B and RATA sampling

All applicable components are rated 120V/60Hz or 240V/50Hz.

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  • FPSC Chiller Module uses Environmentally Safe Helium Gas as a Refrigerant, no CFC’s.
  • The Module is Hermetically Sealed in Stainless Steel Casing for Fast and Easy Installation or Replacement as Necessary.
  • The Cold end of the FPSC is Inserted Directly into a Machined Anodized Aluminum Chiller Block.
  • C276 Hastelloy Serves as the Reverse Flow Condensate Separators.
  • Six Times Efficiency of Thermoelectric (peltier) Coolers.
  • Uses Less than 40w of Electricity.
  • 12 V DC Power Supply.


Digital Temperature Control: +/- 1 OC, LED Display.

Inlet and Outlet Temperature:
Typical Inlet Temperature: 250-3000 F (Heated Lines Set Point).

Cooling Capacity: >40 watts.

Dual Path Cooling Block: Anodized Aluminum.

Condensate Bottle: 1000 ml (safety coated glass).

Acid Scrubber Cartridges: 2 each. 500g Capacity.

Reverse Flow Condensate Separator: Alloy C276, 1” OD x 4” Reverse Flow Active Zone.

Maximum Flow Rate: 2 lpm at 20% H2O Channel.

Freeze Protection: 80w Heater.

Ambient Operating Temperature: 32 to 122 degress F. (0 to 50 degrees C).

Power Requirements: 120 V AC/2.5 amps. 220V Optional

Portable Dimensions: HxWxD: 22”x13.5”x23.75” (55.9 cm x 34.3 cm x 60.3 cm).

Weight: 32 lbs (14.5 kg) without sorbent.

HGU-6DJ6ft Umbilical cable jumper, SGC-4000HGP portable chiller to XC-260 or XC-30B console, unheated sample lines (1/4") for paired sampling
HGU-6DJ-66ft Umbilical cable jumper, SGC-4000HG chiller to XC-6000EPC console in 18U or 20U single enclosure, unheated sample lines (1/4") for paired sampling
HGU-6DJ-SC6ft Umbilical cable jumper, SC-30B to XC-260 console portable system, unheated sample lines (1/4") for paired sampling