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SK-M180 VacBag Sampler System

SK-M180 VacBag Sampler System

The M180 VacBag Sampler System takes an integrated gas sample, in accordance with the U.S. EPA Method 18, by evacuating the stainless steel airtight container fitted with a Tedlar® gas sampling bag, preventing the gas sample from coming into contact with the sample pump. The TBE Enclosures come standard with clear Lexan® lid, a 1/4-inch valved female quick connect, and a 1/4” male quick connect. All applicable components rated at 120 V at 60 Hz or 240 V at 50 Hz.

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Method 18 – Measurement of Gaseous Organic Compound Emissions by Gas Chromatography – EPA Literature PDF

The Kit includes the following items:

• 4-, 6-, or 10-gallon airtight stainless steel enclosure
• 3 gas sampling bags
• Sample pump
• PFA tubing
• Stainless steel unions and tubing
• 1/4-inch quick connects