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Small Parts Kit for Isokinetic Probes

Small Parts Kit for Isokinetic Probes

The small parts kit is used to create a secure connection between the nozzle and the isokinetic probe. The material of each component has been carefully chosen to create a strong seal.

Glass-filled PTFE  front ferrule – Glass-filled PTFE ferrules are uniquely advantageous in stack testing. The glass fiber reinforcement helps these ferrules maintain a low deformation rate under duress, increases compressive strength, and improves hardness. They have lower thermal expansion and a higher coefficient of friction than unaltered PTFE. We recommend pairing the ferrule with the silicone gripper ring for an impenetrable seal.

Silicone gripper ring/back ferrule – The silicone gripper ring lives up to its name by providing a strong grip to anchor the nozzle in place. The snug fit keeps the nozzle from rotating or slipping during testing.

Silicone single ferrule – The silicone single ferrules’ flexibility allows them to create excellent seals without damaging tubing. The stable, non-reactive material offers versatility in testing for different gases and particulates.

Note that silicone ferrules may only be used in applications ranging from -65 to 500 Fahrenheit. We offer graphite ferrules for high-temperature applications (not included in the small parts kit).


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Small Parts Kit Contains:
Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
N-10Nut, 5/8-inch tube, stainless steel, 5/8-inch1
N-10UBNNUnion, 5/8-inch, body only, bored1
NTG-10FFFront ferrule, 5/8-inch, single, PTFE/glass3
10FB-SILBack ferrule, 5/8-inch, gripper ring, silicone3
10F-SILSingle ferrule, 5/8-inch, silicone3