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PS12B Sorbent Traps

PS12B Sorbent Traps

Our goal is to provide you with all of your Mercury sampling solutions from the sorbent traps to the reporting. You can rely on us to help you meet your sampling deadlines. With the passing of more stringent EPA mercury emission regulations for coal-fired power plants, cement kilns and other combustion sources, we want to help you meet your compliance monitoring requirements. (Mercury and Air Toxics Standard (MATS), Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT).

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We start with the best carbon we’ve been able to source and chemically treat the sorbent for optimum mercury adsorption and retention. All sorbent media goes through rigorous QA/QC procedures to ensure that you receive the finest sorbent media available for your monitoring requirements.

We’ve done extensive field and lab carbon screening studies testing in extreme environments of high SO2, particulate, moisture, and high temperature stack conditions to demonstrate our sorbents durable performance and reliable analytical results. Using a newly developed acid gas (SO2/SO3) scrubbing media we are able to minimize breakthrough issues and ensure successful mercury sampling results.

PS 12B (10mm OD x 240mm L)PS 12B

Part NumberStack Condition#of SectionsPre SectionSection 1Section 2Section 3***
MTK-S❑Standard***3 Sections-.5g Carbon.5g Carbon.5g Carbon***
MTK-H-S❑High Temp***3 Sections-.7g Carbon.5g Carbon.5g Carbon***
MTK-A-S❑Acid Gases***4 Sections.5g Sorbent.5g Carbon.5g Carbon.5g Carbon***
MTK-P-S❑High Particulate***4 SectionsInert Pre-Filter.5g Carbon.5g Carbon.5g Carbon***

*** – Section 3 is Spiked. Indicate spike level ng. Standard Spike Levels Range from 1000ng to 20,000ng. Custom Levels Available.



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