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In-Stack Thimble Holder Kit

In-Stack Thimble Holder Kit

The GFA-2590K In-Stack Thimble Holder Kit includes a selection of the 7 most commonly
used nozzle inserts form 1/8” to 1/2″ and one housing. The entire kit is conveniently packaged
in a foam-lined carrying case for protection. The Thimble holder connects directly to the end of
the probe with a 5/8” tube union. One Metal Taper Clip is included in the kit.

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The unique integral nozzle design reduces weight and breakage. The entire assembly is lightweight and uses no O-Rings which allows for testing at much higher temperatures.

Quartz filter assemblies are available for testing in temperatures up to 1000°C.

We offer 2 different filter media (Glass and Quartz). The Thimbles are seamless, high purity filters, tapered for ease in loading. The gas collection efficiency of the thimbles is 99.9% (%0.3 mm DOP). The Thimble Filter Media comes in boxes of 10.

GFA-2590-K – Glass fiber thimble, 25 x 90mm, max 500°C. These Borosilicate Glass Fiber Thimbles are acid washed to reduce the trace metal content to an absolute minimum.
GFA-2590Q-K – Quartz fiber thimble, 25 x 90mm, max 1000°C. Silica Fiber Thimbles are strengthened with alumina and are prefired at 900°C for 2 hours during manufacturing to stabilize the weight prior to use.