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TEC-1612 Thermoelectric Gas Cooler

TEC-1612 Thermoelectric Gas Cooler

The Apex Instruments TEC-1612 Thermoelectric Gas Cooler, a robust single-stage gas cooler, effectively removes condensate and delivers dry gas to the analyzer. Designed to be mounted on a wall or in a rack, the TEC-1612 gas cooler can also be converted to a portable unit within its frame. It is designed to be used as a stand-alone unit or coupled with our ACC-1610 Air-Cooled Condenser.


The TEC-1612 has a single easily removable condenser encased in an insulated aluminum block and cooled by two state of the art thermoelectric heat pumps. Dual high-output axial fans are coupled with the latest thermosiphon heat exchangers to support the thermoelectric units and allow the gas conditioner to operate in a wider range of ambient conditions. The condenser is designed to effectively separate condensed moisture from a sample gas, while the integrated peristaltic pump ensures rapid removal of condensation from the system.

The TEC-1612 is the perfect choice for your modular gas sampling system. We listened to feedback and strive to deliver an effective solution that is lightweight and rugged.

TEC-1612 Thermoelectric Gas
Cooler shown with portable frame


• Compact and lightweight
• Rugged 36v solid-state thermoelectric heat pumps
• OLED display with power monitor
• IP-rated switching power supply
• Variable DC voltage PID controller for thermoelectric module
• Integrated peristaltic pump for condensate removal

The recommended system includes a heated probe and filter, a heated sample line, and a gas cooler.

ImageProduct TypeProduct Number
Heated Sample LineHSLB--
Heated Filter AssemblySFA-2564
IRM ProbePC-☐-☐
IRM Filter AssemblySFC-2590

Cooler Capacity Chart:

Pinnacle Cooling Technology

Water vapor is removed by cooling the sample gas to a constant dew point with the Apex Pinnacle Heat pump. The Pinnacle assembly in the TEC-1612 utilizes two thermoelectric modules, which operate on the Peltier effect.

The Pinnacle heat pump is easy to service and designed to withstand heavy use.

Stainless Steel Condenser

SC-1610 Stainless Steel Condenser Assembly and Airflow Diagram
SC-1612 Stainless Steel Condenser Assembly and Airflow Diagram

The condenser is fabricated from 316 stainless steel and can be treated with a variety of coatings: silicon, polyfluorinated, silane; polar or non-polar. The micro annular flow channel provides maximum condensation efficiency with minimum contact time. The single condenser setup improves response time.

Pinnacle Cooling Unit

The Pinnacle heat pump unit includes a highly conductive aluminum block fitted with two rugged thermoelectric modules, a stainless-steel condenser, a high-efficiency heat exchanger, exhaust fan, and a PID temperature controller.

The heat pump uses an extremely reliable rugged solid-state thermoelectric module (TEC) and a low-resistance heat exchanger with a copper base and heat pipes with high thermal conductivity for removing heat from the hot side of the TEC and dispersing the heat to the surrounding environment via the exhaust fan.

Pinnacle Heat Pump Assembly for TEP-400 and AC-1610 Thermoelectric Gas Coolers
Pinnacle Heat Pump Assembly


• Refrigeration: Pinnacle Heat Pump System: two 50-watt solid-state modules
• Temperature display: OLED display +/- 0.1 °C/°F
• Temperature control: variable DC voltage controller, 3-button keypad
• Cooling capacity: 200 BTU per hour
• Cold block: insulated aluminum
• Condenser: stainless steel, reverse flow condensate separator: alloy 316
stainless steel, various coatings available, 1” OD x 12″
• Condensate removal: integrated peristaltic pump, 10 ml/min
• Radiator: two low-profile heat sinks with six 6-mm diameter U-tube heatpipes,
coated fins for corrosion resistance, 120-mm axial fans, with
encapsulated motor and electronics
• Rated flow rate: 10 lpm at 10% moisture
• Ambient operating temperature: 32 to 104 °F (0 to 40 °C)
• Auxiliary temperature controllers: digital temperature controllers
for probe, oven, and heated jumper; type-K thermocouple input
• Power: Supply 120VAC/60 Hz 15 amps max. or 240VAC/50 Hz 10
amps max., IEC C-13 inlet
• Radiator/Heat Exchanger: Two low profile heatsinks with six 6mm diameter U-tube heat-pipes, coated fins for corrosion resistance, 120 mm axial fans, with encapsulated motor and electronics
• Ambient operating temperature: 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
• Standard Flow Rate: up to 15 lpm, single channel
• Tubing Size: 1/4″ or 3/8″
• Mounting Options: Standard Wall Mount, Optional Rack Mount
• Accessories: Companion Condenser, Included Peristaltic Pump (optional), Separate Strain Reliefs
• Dimensions: 9.5” W x 12” H x 11.5” D
• Weight: 25 lbs (11.4 kg)