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TEC-4000HgP Portable Thermoelectric Gas Cooler

TEC-4000HgP Portable Thermoelectric Gas Cooler

The TEC-4000HGP Thermoelectric Portable Gas Cooler removes moisture by cooling the sample gas to a constant dew point using the new Apex Pinnacle Heat Pump. It is housed in our rugged, lightweight case for easy transport. The chiller is equipped with a closed, dual-channel gas conditioning system that collects condensate in sample bottles and delivers dry, acid-free gas to the meter console.

The chiller is designed to be used with the XC-30B and XC-260 Mercury Sampling Consoles.


Portable Mercury Gas Cooler for Method 30B

The sample gas is cooled for the purpose of condensing the water vapor and water-soluble acids prior to measurement with the metering console. The condensate is collected in plastic-coated reagent bottles connected to the bottom of the condensers. The condensate freely drains into the bottles without the need of a pump. Dry, acid-free sample gas is crucial for protecting the sample pumps and measurement devices.

The bottles are sized for collecting up to one week of condensate from a source with 20% moisture when sampling at 500 cubic centimeters per minute.

The condensate can be measured for determining the approximate percent water vapor in accordance with EPA Method 4.

Gases are drawn through a dry sorbet scrubber for removing residual water vapor and corrosive gases.

Pinnacle Cooling Technology

The TEC-4000HgP uses the Apex state-of-the-art Pinnacle Heat Pump for cooling the sample gas to remove moisture from the sample. The Pinnacle solid-state heat pump is housed in a rugged package that is easy to service and designed to withstand harsh manufacturing environments.


  • Extremely reliable solid-state heat pump with a long life span
  • Low-resistance heat exchanger with a copper base and heat pipes with high thermal conductivity
Pinnacle Heat Pump Unit

The Pinnacle heat pump unit includes an aluminum block fitted with two Hastelloy condensers, a thermoelectric module, a high-efficiency heat exchanger, an exhaust fan, and a PID temperature controller.

Moisture is removed by condensation through the reduction of the dew point, which happens when the gas is cooled so that the water vapor is less than 1% by volume. Water vapor and acid gases are condensed to prevent corrosion in the system.

The heat pump uses an extremely reliable rugged solid-state thermoelectric module (TEC) and low-resistance heat exchanger with a copper base and heat pipes with high thermal conductivity for removing heat from the hot side of the TEC and dispersing the heat to the surrounding environment via the exhaust fan.

For maximum performance, the thermoelectric module is coupled with a highly efficient heat exchanger for removing the heat from the hot side of the module to the ambient air. The heat exchanger includes a copper base fitted with six U-tube heat pipes with coated fins and a high-volume corrosion-resistant fan.


Refrigeration: Thermoelectric heat pump: 59-watt solid-state module

Temperature display: OLED display +/- 0.1 ºC/ºF

Temperature control: Variable direct current with PID control, 3-button keypad

Cooling capacity: 100 BTU/hr

Cold block: Insulated aluminum

Condenser: Reverse flow condensate separator, C276 alloy, 1”x7” dimensions, 4” active cooling zone

Condensate removal: Gravity bottle, 10 ml/min

Heat exchanger: Low-profile heatsink with six 6-mm diameter U-tube heat-pipes, coated fins for corrosion resistance, 120-mm axial fan, with encapsulated motor and electronics

Rated flow rate: 2 lpm at 30% moisture per channel

Ambient operating temperature: 32 to 104 ºF. (0 to 40 ºC)

Power: Supply 120V AC/60 Hz 15 amps max. or 240VAC 50 Hz 10 amps max., IEC C-13 inlet

Dimensions: 17”x7”x17” (43.2 cm x 27.8 cm x 43.2 cm)

Weight: 22 lbs. (10 kg)