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Wohler A550 Industrial Flue Gas Analyzer

Wohler A550 Industrial Flue Gas Analyzer

Portable Flue Gas Analyzer with superior accuracy 

As tough as cast iron, but as easy to operate as a smartphone – that‘s what Wohler‘s new Flue Gas Emssions Analyzer feels like in your hand. A tap of your finger on the Wohler A 550 INDUSTRIAL is all that is required to perform a complete analysis and inspection of boilers and burners. The Flue Gas Emissions Analyzer is designed to be used in tough industrial heat processes. The in-stack stainless steel sinter-filter probe protects the analyzer against heavy dust loads.

W-5996 · Wohler A550 Industrial Flue Gas Analyzer

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The new Wohler A 550 Industrial Flue Gas Analyzer is our most advanced analyzer ever. The individual functions can be launched as intuitively as using a smartphone via the large 7″ color touchscreen. And the brightly lit monitor can be read anywhere. The large screen, the clear arrangement and the graphical presentation of readings allow excellent readability.

Smart handling features

Acquiring measurement values is as easy as could be. The analyzer is equipped with magnets, so you can attach it to any magnetic objects to work hands-free. The probe is equipped with a start/stop button to run or hold measurement readings. There are a number of interfaces available to transfer data: USB, Infrared and Bluetooth®. And with the Wohler TD 100 Fast Thermal Printer you can print out the readings on-site.


  • 7-inch color-touchscreen as intuitive to use as a smartphone
  • NOx and SOx emissions measurement with 0,1 ppm resolution
  • In-stack Sinter-filter probe for dust protection
  • Battery-driven Peltier cooler device – more than 4 h off-grid operation time
  • High-power sample pump  for differential pressures up to 300 mbar
  • Built-in logger function with user-selectable configuration
  • 4-year manufacturer warranty

Extensive Range of Functions


  • Effective dust and condensate protection
  • 4-filter technology – easily accessible
  • Analyzer and sensor diagnostics
  • Field-replaceable sensor
  • Rechargeable battery operating time: more than 12 h with Lithium-Ion power
  • Hose assembly – robust and flexible


  • Expandable with up to 5 sensors
  • For measurements: NO, NO2, SO2
  • Probe for a variety of measurement tasks
  • In-stack sinter-filter for heavy dust loaded samples


  • Simple to use: switch on – read off – done
  • Large, color touchscreen: displays up to 14 measurement and calculation values
  • Intuitive to operate via on-screen keyboard
  • Calibrate in the flue gas pipe via a fresh air pump
  • Graphic hot spot search


  • 1,000 measurement records can be saved
  • Data transfer via USB, Bluetooth, or infrared


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