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XC-30B MercSampler™ Automated Console

XC-30B MercSampler™ Automated Console

The XC-30B MercSampler™ Console, designed especially for performing Method 30B, simplifies sampling requirements by automating data acquisition, sample flow adjustments, leak checks, calculations, temperature control, and calibrations. Data is easily transferred to a Microsoft Windows Based PC through USB Interface. The XC-30B MercSampler™ performs dual sorbent trap sampling at flow rates up to 2.0 lpm and can be operated with your choice of probes and gas conditioning systems, including our popular SGC-4000HGP Stirling Gas Conditioner.

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A Typical MercSampler System Includes:

  • Automatic Console: XC-30B Sampling Console.
  • Gas Conditioner: Portable Versions (SGC-4000HGP Stirling Gas Cooler).
  • Stainless Steel or Alloy Probes: Optional Length with Single Heater, for Dual Sample Traps. (Available in 4′, 6′, 9′ and 12′ sizes). Method 30B Probes.
  • Heated Umbilical/Sample Line: Heavy Duty Self-Regulated Heated Sample Line, available in a variety of lengths.


  • Fully Automated for Paired Sampling.
  • Dual Dry Gas Meters and Mass Flow Sensors.
  • Alerts for Port and Traverse Point Changes.
  • Simple Data Export.
  • Compact Portable System.
  • Eight Isolated Type K Thermocouple Channels.
  • USB Interface.
  • Easily Configured with Windows Based PC.


  • Dry Gas Meters:
    • Dual dry gas meters with integrated optical encoders, resolution to 1cc.
    • Model K2 positive displacement type.
    • 0.7 liter per revolution.
    • Optical encoder sensor with quadrature pulse output.
  • Sample Pumps: Dual Head Miniature Diaphragm Pumps with 12 VDC motors, Max Vac. 22” Hg.
  • Sample Flow Control:
    • Stainless steel sample manifolds fitted with mass flow sensors, vacuum sensors, and proportional valves.
    • Constant flow sampling <300 ccm.
    • Mass Air Flow: Flow control, 300 to 2500 ccm
    • Proportional Valve: Voltage Sensitive Orifice (VSO), 12 Vdc.
  • Data Acquisition Control Board (DAC):
    • Enhanced Flash 16 bit RISC based microcontrollers; main and Digital Signal Processing (DS). Real time clock with auto backup and write protection to external SRAM.
    • High Speed 14bit A/D convertor with parallel DSP interface.
    • 1 GB SD Memory Card for data storage – stores up to 99 tests.
    • USB 2.0 Comm Input connection.
  • Communications: PC user interface via USB.
  • Thermocouple Multiplexer:
    • Accepts Type K Thermocouple inputs; input protection includes gas discharge tubes for ESD and surge protection.
    • 11 Pic Microcontrollers, 1 for each channel and MUX circuitry.
    • MUX Circuitry to receive multiple inputs and transmit selected output.
    • 10 microcontrollers, one for each optically isolated channel.
  • Integrated Temperature Control: Designed into DAC for probe/trap heat control output via 25 amp SSR.
  • Pressure:
    • Barometric Pressure: 600 to 1100m bar, 17.7 to 32.4” Hg, temperature compensated, amplified output.
  • Vacuum: 0 to 30” Hg, 0 to 101 kPa, 2% accuracy.
  • Durable UHMW Polyethylene Case: Built-In Handles (Size 10U) 19” Rack Mount Panel.
  • AC Power: 120 Vac 60Hz or 240Vac 50Hz.
  • Dimensions: 23in x 21in x 12in (58cm x 53cm x 30.5cm).
  • Weight: 39 lbs. (17.7kg).


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240V/50Hz, 120V/60Hz