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XC-3D55 Flow Measurement Console

XC-3D55 Flow Measurement Console

The Apex Instruments XC-3D55 Flow Measurement Console is used in conjunction with various pitots to determine velocity pressure, and the yaw and pitch angles of the flow velocity vector in a stack or duct according to U.S. EPA Method 2, 2F or 2G (the determination of stack gas velocity and volumetric flow rate with three-dimensional probes).

The XC-3D55 console easily interfaces with the UINC-3D-__ Umbilical/Inclinometer Assembly through a series of 1/4-inch quick connects, a 4-pin circular connector and a type-K thermocouple jack. Readings for stack temperature, velocity pressure, pitch pressure, and yaw angle are displayed respectively through a display, process meters and a totalizer.  The null angle is displayed through a magnehelic.

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  • Digital display totalizer
  • Magnehelic
  • Rocker switch
  • 1/4-inch quick connects
  • Amphenol
  • Type-K thermocouple jack
  • IEC plug/receptacle
  • Blow-back pump


  • Power supply transducers modular/plastic enclosure


  • Stack temperature: type-K thermocouple
  • Velocity pressure: (P1-P2) range ±5″ H2O
  • Yaw null: bi-directional (P2-P3) range ±5 inH2O bi-directional
  • Pitch range: bi-directional (P4-P5) range 10 inH2O, ±5 inH2O bi-directional
  • Yaw angle range: quadrature pulse output, 180° (static >360°), ±.01°
  • Output connector: 9-pin D-Sub connector (all outputs are voltage based)
  • Probe sensor inclinometer and digital indicator
  • Breaker switch: magnetic-type circuit breaker rocker switch