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XCF-170 Digital Method 17 Sampling Console

XCF-170 Digital Method 17 Sampling Console

Smaller. Lighter. Easier.

The new XCF-170 digital source sampling console is the first model being offered in our new compact, lightweight design.

The console uses an internal diaphragm pump, reducing the weight of the console and pump portion of the train to 37 lbs, from 74 lbs (a 50% reduction).

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The new XCF-170 Digital Source Sampling Console is the first Method 17 console being offered in our new compact lightweight design. This console is manufactured in the United States and meets US EPA Method 17, CFR 40 part 60 standards.

The XCF-170 combines the reliability of our manual consoles with the convenience of digital components.

The console uses an internal diaphragm pump, reducing the weight of the console and pump portion of the train to 37lbs.

The new digital display is backlit, sunlight-readable and transflective. The unit contains two high-resolution, digital low-pressure sensors. The displays allow easy zeroing, dampening adjustment, input power filtering, and measurement unit selection.

The XCF-170 will assure you ease-of-use and accurate results, giving you extra confidence during your sampling test.

Features and benefits:

  • Smaller and lighter console
  • Rugged durable case
  • No messy manometer fluid headaches
  • Reliable, accurate results
  • Precision gas meter with mechanical index
  • Easily replaceable dual-pressure transducers
  • Sunlight-readable display
  • Option to select between Metric or standard units
  • Digital display for thermocouples temperatures, ΔP, ΔH, and gas meter volume
  • Carrying strap and three handles on the case
  • Internal diaphragm sampling pump


Display: 4×20 character back-lit transflective liquid crystal display with digital operation of timer, delta P, delta H, and tmperature

Display control: momentary push button switch control for display operation and setup

Gas meter: model SK25EX, with 100 CPR quadrature encoder, 0.7L/rev, 41 LPM max

Flow indicator: precision-machined stainless steel orifice with pressure transducer, range 0 – 5 inH2O (0 – 1245 Pa) resolution of 0.01” (1 Pa)

Temperature measurement: 5-channel individually isolated type-K thermocouple meter, °C/°F selectable, -200°C to 1372°C range (-328°F to 2502°F)

Digital pressure transducers:
ΔP +/-5.0 inH2O (+/- 1245 Pa) Range Bi-Directional with 0.001 inH2O (1 Pa) Resolution
ΔH +/-5.0 inH2O (+/-1245 Pa) Range Bi-Directional with 0.01 inH2O (1 Pa) Resolution

Vacuum gauge: dual-scale, 0 to 30 inHg and 0 to 100kPa

Umbilical connections:

  • Sample inlet: 1/4-inch stainless steel full flow quick-connect
  • Pitot connections: 1/8-inch stainless steel full-flow quick-connects
  • TC connections: aux, stack, probe, exit

Power: pump power supply: 110V, 150W, 24V/6.3A, IEC C-14 inlet, display power supply: 15 W, 12 VDC

Dimensions: HxWxD 17 x 17 x 12 inches (57 x 33.5 x 61 cm)

Weight: 37 lbs (9.98 kg)

Special back-half  leak check consideration:

For metering systems having diaphragm pumps, the normal leak-check procedure will not detect leakages within the pump. For these cases, the following leak-check procedure is suggested: make a 10-minute calibration run at 0.00035 cubic meters per minute (0.02 cubic feet per minute); at the end of the run, take the difference between the measured wet test meter and the dry gas meter volumes; divide the difference by 10, to get the leak rate. The leak rate should not exceed 0.00057 cubic meters per minute (0.02 cubic feet per minute). [Section No. 3.4.2, Page 5 of 22, Quality Assurance Handbook by EPA, 1980 Version]