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XCF-170 Full Flow Method 17 System (for Indian Market)

XCF-170 Full Flow Method 17 System (for Indian Market)

The XCF-170 isokinetic sampling system is designed to perform sampling of particulate matter from stationary sources as per US EPA Method 17 and in accordance with Central Pollution Control Board requirements. Light, compact and rugged, the XCF-170’s modular design allows for the systems to be adapted to challenging sampling locations due to space or accessibility concerns without compromising system performance or sampling collection integrity. The XCF-170 system can also be adapted to perform other isokinetic sampling for SO2 in conjunction with particulate matter.



Features and Benefits:

  • Smaller and lighter console
  • Rugged durable case
  • No messy manometer fluid headaches
  • Reliable, accurate results
  • Precision gas meter with a mechanical index
  • Easily replaceable dual-pressure transducers
  • Sunlight-readable display
  • Option to select between Metric or standard units
  • Digital display for thermocouple temperatures, ΔP, ΔH, and gas meter volume
  • Carrying strap and three handles on case
  • Internal diaphragm sampling pump

Method 17 full flow sampling train components:

  • Console (XCF-170-V)
  • Umbilical Cable (USF-#-#)
  • Impinger Case (SBF-1430)
  • Temperature controller (ICS-M10CV1C-C13)
  • Probe (PS-#-HM308FV)
    • Internal probe liner (PLF-#S)
    • Filter assembly (SFA-2590)
    • Modular pitot tip (MPT-6-308)

Isokinetic source sampler console

Apex Instruments offers several choices of source sampler consoles configured to meet your requirements. Our smaller digital console cases include a transreflective digital display, digital pressure transducers, and an internal diaphragm pump. Standard on each unit are stainless steel fittings and quick connects. Consoles may be configured for English or metric units.

Umbilical cable

Our unheated sample line jumpers are used between the filter and the first impinge. Jumpers are available in different lengths and configurations with a standard stainless steel overbraid 3/8-inch inner diameter PFA tubing. This sample line is 10 feet long with full flow quick connects.

Split umbilical cables are made the same way the standard Method 5 umbilicals are but with the sample line and exit thermocouple split a certain distance back along the line. This style of umbilical is extremely useful when the filter compartment is separated from the impinge box with a flexible sample line. The USF-90-5 in particular is a split-back umbilical cable with it’s split 5 feet back and with full flow quick connects.

Probe assembly

Includes stainless steel probe sheath, heater, liner, type “S” pitot tubes and thermocouple. A wide variety of liner and sheath materials are available. Please contact an Apex Instruments sales representative for oversheath options.

Our probe features a 1-inch diameter sheath made from stainless steel with a modular 3/8” pitot tip. Also included with this probe are ¼” stainless steel full flow quick connects and type-K thermocouples for probe and stack temperature, probe heater, orsat line, and small parts package. This probe comes standard in a 6 foot length but other lengths are available.

Filter assembly

Apex Instruments stocks a variety of thimbles for in-stack particulate sampling. The thimbles are seamless, high purity filters and available from a choice of three different types of fibers: Borosilicate glass, quartz, and PTFE. The gas collection efficiency of the thimbles is 99.95% (0.3 micron DOP).

Temperature controller

Powering the probe line, our temperature controller allows for precise control of your probe temperature, ensuring a more accurate sample capture. Easy setup and simple operation. The Apex ICS-CV temperature controllers are basic on-off microprocessor-based temperature controllers mounted in a die-cast aluminum enclosure. The temperate set-point is easily set by pushing the button and rotating the dial to the desired temperature on the LED display. Actual temperature is continuously displayed. This is a single station analog temperature controller with internal relay, 240V, press-to-set digital indicator in a die-cast aluminum enclosure, degree C readout.

Impinger case

Our rugged impinger box is designed to weather the toughest conditions while protecting the impingers. Constructed with a strong handle, this case can be lifted up to the sampling location fully assembled with glassware, reducing the possibility of impinger breakage and sample loss.

Impinger glassware

Our durable and lightweight impinger glassware is easy to use and comes in a small and compact size. The GA-45 screw cap lids conveniently screw on and hold the stem in place.

Isokinetic sampling nozzles

Isokinetic sampling nozzles and accessories are available in a full range of sizes and materials. Determining the size needed for isokinetic sampling depends on the stack gas velocity.