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With the recent expansion of our machine shop, we are now able to offer a more complete line of stainless-steel ball and socket adapters. We now manufacture #28 and #12 ball and socket adapters from 1/8-inch up to 5/8-inch.
Our updated Air-Cooled Probe design features a more robust alloy construction. Upgraded to 253MA with a new variable-speed high-capacity blower inside the riser, the new design will extend the life of the probe and increase the airflow by an additional 30%.
Apex Instruments is pleased to announce that we now offer Magnum Pro calibration pumps and Winchester Engineering pressure gauges. High quality, reliable customer support, and an industry-leading, two-year warranty make these products a perfect fit with the Apex Instruments product line.  The following products are available: MP-P – Magnum Pro Pressure Calibration PumpPP-4 – Magnum Pro Pneumatic Power PumpM-80 – Magnum Pro Low Volume Pressure ChamberM-10 – Magnum Pro Hydraulic Calibration Hand PumpMPV-600 –
To provide a safer option for installing and removing tubing, we have started the process of converting our hose barbs to GL-18 threaded joints on all glassware that connects to tubing. A plastic glass hose barb is inserted inside a cap and the cap is screwed onto the GL-18 thread. Installing the tubing onto the plastic hose barb instead of onto the glass hose barb reduces the potential for injury and damage to the glassware. The
Apex Instruments is now offering 5/8-inch silicone ferrules. Silicone ferrules provide a consistent, leak-free connection and reduce slippage. Ideal for glass liners and nozzles.
SBR-93CFM Riser with Built-in Air Blower
SBR-BLOWER Riser with Built-in Air Blower We have upgraded the motor in our Blower Riser from a single-stage to a two-stage motor. The flow has increased by approximately 25%.
Utilizing the help of a valuable demo testing group, we have made significant progress with our upcoming data acquisition system, Airdas. Airdas will pair a specially made data controller with our own custom, adaptable software for RATA testing in addition to compliance and engineering instrumental testing needs. In unity with our AFD-510 Flow Drawer, Airdas will provide the perfect complement for a complete and seamless solution. Stay tuned for more updates and
We have improved our umbilical cable design by adding a braided metal wire to reduce the amount of tension created on the umbilical cable connections. Contact an Apex Instruments sales representative for more information.
In an effort to increase the accuracy of our internal database of information, Apex Instruments has recently updated its product legends. As a result, many part numbers for our products have changed and should be carefully noted in the following areas: The part number suffix for a 240V version of a productNew system of part number suffixes to indicate which power output connector a product has. For more information the
4-pin Amphenol power outlet connector used on consoles. We have been notified by the vendor that the Amphenol 4-pin console power outlet connector will no longer be available. We will continue to offer our remaining stock and the 5-pin power connectors will become the standard in all our products. Affected products include consoles, sample box assemblies (heated ovens), umbilical cables, and probes. More information on our power connectors will be