Apex Instruments – Facilities

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Apex Instruments moved to its current 12,000 square foot manufacturing facility in 2005.

The facility was designed and built for Apex Instruments and is wholly owned by William Howe. The custom layout provides for smooth flow of incoming parts and materials, assembly and fabrication processing, and the shipment of completed products. Two-thirds of the facility space is devoted to assembly.

The office area comprises 3,000 square feet. There more than 15 offices and 3 conference rooms.

Apex Instruments, Inc. maintains over 7,500 square feet of storage area for raw parts, work in progress, and completed inventory. Another area of the shop is devoted to shipping and receiving. There are 12 traditional workstations for assembly plus 2 full-size worktables for bulky products.  There are two electronic assembly and test stations as well as a dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) and final inspection area. The facility is primarily dedicated for assembly and storage; the majority of the sheet metal fabrication, painting, and machining is subcontracted to reliable and competent vendors, with whom we have a long history of success. A dedicated, climate-controlled calibration room houses wet test meters and a bell-prover for calibration of dry-gas meters, orifices, and meter consoles, both new manufacture, and existing customer units.  A recent addition to the shop is a laser engraver used to perform component labeling, front panel details, and custom designs.

In 2009, Apex Instruments added a new 5000 square foot service facility on the same grounds for fabrication of custom trailers for stack testers and the Technical Services Division.

In 2010, Apex Instruments annexed 7,500 square feet of its 208 Technology Park Lane facility to incorporate additional space to accommodate the production of custom umbilical cables.

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In 2011, Apex expanded the welding and research and development operations to its newly acquired 10,000 square foot facility located at 212 Technology Park Lane. The facility also houses a new training area.