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The AK-STM-12B is specifically designed for reliably auditing and calibrating mercury consoles in accordance with EPA Method30B and Performance Standard 12B. Its high-quality components and adherence to CFR section 40 help ensure that testing meets and exceeds EPA requirements. The Audit Kit features the DGM-SK25R reference dry gas meter, the PIE 520B Thermocouple Calibrator, and includes all accessories required for auditing and calibration. 

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The DGM-SK25R secondary reference meter is NIST-traceable and used for calibrating low-flow consoles. The console is calibrated .3 LPM to 2.20 LPM, making it idea for auditing and calibrating mercury consoles.

 It’s full metering capabilities range from .25 LPM to 2.00 LPM.  The unit connects to the console via an integrated hose that includes a 1/4″ stainless steel male quick connect and a thermocouple for monitoring meter exit temperature. A 15-point calibration in triplicate runs at 5 flow rates is performed before shipping to ensure the unit adheres to regulations and application.  

The meter’s compact case provides dependable protection from rough handling and the elements. It is fitted with a digital encoder that totalizes and accurately presents the volume metered on an easy-to-read, back lit display. The DGM-SK25R can be configured to calibrate most consoles within a range of flow rates. 

The single type K thermocouple calibrator PIE 520B is cold junction compensated for changes in ambient temperature thereby providing accurate and precise temperatures for inputs.   

The complete list of the audit kit components follows: 

  • Dry gas reference meter: DGM-SK25R-QS4  
  • PIE 520B thermocouple calibrator: MSC-520 
  • Digital vacuum gauge: DPGA-00TU4-NIST 
  • Thermocouple ice bath: AK-6TH16 
  • Handheld waterproof thermometer: DPT-168-NIST 
  • 36-inch thermocouple type-K: TCA 36HG 
  • NIST-traceable handheld barometer: BAR-6530 

The kit also includes all necessary connectors, fittings, tubing and transport case.