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Method 0040 Sampling Kit

Method 0040 Sampling Kit

Method 0040 is designed, using gas sampling bags, for sampling principal organic hazardous constituents from combustion sources like hazardous waste incinerators. This non-isokinetic Method uses a constant or proportional sampling rate dependent upon the extent and variability of the emission flow rate (Method 2). The Apex Instruments Method 0040 Kit (SK-0040) utilizes the VSB2 VersaCase cabinet, glass-lined probe assembly, glassware, coolant reservoir with a submersible pump, bag enclosure, and umbilical cord for connection to the XC-623 gas sampling sampler console.

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Method 0040 – Sampling of Principal Organic Hazardous Constituents from Combustion Sources Using Tedlar Bags, part of Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Waste Physical/Chemical Methods – EPA Literature PDF

Method 0040 Kit Includes:

  • VersaCase 2
  • Probe clamp assembly
  • Probe assembly with heater and liners
  • Tedlar® bag enclosure (6 gallon/25 liter) and bags
  • Heated filter assembly
  • Glassware
  • Clamps
  • Three-way valve
  • Cold box
  • Submersible coolant pump
  • Umbilical cable

Method 0040 Glassware

VG40-CGSMethod 0040 Glassware Set
Set includes:
3-Way valve with PFA valve body, #18 threads inlet and purge, 8-mm outlet
SuperVOST coil condenser, 2-inch diameter, #18 threads, water jacket hose barbs
Knock-out flask, 125 mL with #18 threads with water jacket
VOST charcoal trap #18 threads and glass frit
13GA-GL-18BBored cap, #18 threads
3GA-GL-18T8Silicone seal ring, #18 threads, 8-mm hole diameter, with PFA on top half
10GA-GL-18T6PFA seal ring, 6-mm hole diameter
18TPFA-4-047WTubing, PFA 5/32 inner diameter x 1/4-inch outer diameter x .047 wall
7TL-7/5Surgical Tubing, 3/8-inch, 7/16-inch outer diameter, 15/16-inch inner diameter, per foot
1GA-GL-18CSolid screw cap, #18
14ET4-PFAUnion Tee, 1/4-inch tube PFA

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