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Method 5I

Method 5I

Method 5I sampling is similar to basic Method 5 but it replaces the filter with the 5I holder (SGFA-47-5I) and is designed for the determination of low-level particulate matter (PM) emissions from stationary sources.

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Method 5I – Determination of Low Level Particulate Matter Emissions – EPA Literature PDF

Method 5I is most effective for PM catches less than 50 mg and is valid for performing correlation of manual PM measurements to PM continuous emission monitors or determining PM emissions from low-level sources such as turbines. After selecting a Method 5 sampling console and an external sample pump in conjunction with a Method 5 kit, simply add an SGFA-47-5I Method 5I holder to complete the needed parts to perform Method 5I.

The 5I filter holder inlet is constructed of borosilicate glass to hold a 47-mm glass fiber filter with a wafer-thin stainless steel filter support and a Viton® O-ring. The assembly is wrapped with PTFE tape for weighing, averaging less than 35 grams, providing a positive seal against leakage. Method 5I 47-mm filter assembly with glass inlet and stainless steel outlet has two 90º bends.

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Inlet filter, glass, 47mm socket
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