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The New XC-623 Source Sampler from Apex Instruments is designed for manual sampling of gaseous pollutants from stationary sources, e. g. stacks, flues, vents or pipes.  The console is most commonly used for EPA Methods 6, 26 and VOST (Methods 0030 and 0031).  However, it’s suitable for most sampling methods requiring accurate sample volume measurements at constant sample flow rates between 300 ccm to 5 lpm.



The metering console includes a precision dry gas meter fitted with a high-resolution rotary encoder, a leak-free pump, a vacuum gauge, flow control valves and a rotameter for monitoring the gas flow rate.  A 32-bit microcontroller converts the sensor inputs and displays the totalized sample volume, temperatures and pressures into user selectable units.  The transflective LCD display is sunlight readable and backlit so it can be seen in the dark.  Three advanced, self-tuning 1/32 DIN temperature controllers with individual solid-state relays are used for controlling heaters, e.g. probe, filter and valve heaters.

The digital LCD screen displays the dry gas meter volume, elapsed time, the dry gas meter pressure (Pm), and the temperature of the selected thermocouple.  A rotary switch is used for monitoring up to 6 different temperatures. Coarse and fine valves are used to control the sample flow rate and for adjusting the vacuum during leak checks. A quick connect provides a convenient connection for the sample vacuum line.  An easy-to-use 4 button keypad is used to reset the gas volume and elapsed time at the start of each sample period along with other functions.

Applicable US EPA Methods:

  • Method 4: Determination of Moisture Content in Stack Gases
  • Method 6: Determination of Sulfur Dioxide Emissions From Stationary Sources
  • Method 6A: Determination of Sulfur Dioxide, Moisture, and Carbon Dioxide From Fossil Fuel Combustion Sources
  • Method 26: Determination of Hydrogen Halide and Halogen Emissions from Stationary Sources Non-Isokinetic


Dry Gas Meter:
SK25EX, multi-chamber positive displacement meter fitted with an quadrature encoder, Qmax for air, 4.1 m3/h at 220 Pa, Qmin 0.26 lpm. , resolution 0.002 Liter. Cyclic volume 0.7 liters, 400 pulses per revolution. Accuracy 1.5% at volumes greater than 10 liters, Type K thermocouple for exit temperature.

4×20 Character Back-lit Transflective Liquid Crystal Display, viewing area 74 mm x 45 mm, operating temperature -20 to 70⁰C

Flow Meter:
Precision Stainless Steel Venturi orifice with Pressure Transducer, Range 0 – 5” H2O (0-1245 Pa) resolution of 0.01” (1 Pa).

Internal Sample Pump:
Dual Head Diaphragm, 8.0 lpm free flow, max vacuum  23” Hg (-230 mbar abs.), 12 VDC Brushless Motor

Temperature Measurement:
Cold junction compensated type K Thermocouple-to-Digital converter °C/°F selectable, -200°C to 1372°C range. (-328°F to 2502°F).   6 channel rotary switch, up to 5 addition Type-K thermocouple inputs, standard size jacks.

Probe, Filter, Aux. Temperature Control:  
Fuji PXR3 Compact, 1/32 DIN self-tuning PID temperature controller with 3 button keypad, SSR Driver for 25-amp solid state relay. Type-K thermocouple jack for input.

DGM Pressure:
High Resolution Digital Sensor, Factory calibrated, and temperature compensated -20C to 70C. Range Bi-Directional +/- 5.0” (+/-1245 Pa) with 0.001” (1 Pa) Resolution. Proof pressure 49 kPa. Accuracy better than 0.25%

Vacuum Gauge:
Bourdon tube, Dual Scale, 0 to -30” Hg, 0 to -100kPa.

Umbilical Connection:
Electrical multi-conductor circular connector. Instrumental grade stainless steel quick-connects for Sample Inlet: 1/4”, Pitot Connections: 1/4”. Type K Thermocouples inputs: Aux, Stack, Probe, Oven, Exit.

Supply 120VAC/60 Hz 15 amps max. or 240VAC 50 Hz 10 amps max., IEC C-13 Inlet.

H17” x W17” x D12” (43 cm x 43 cm x 30.5 cm).

29.6 lbs (13.4kg).