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XD-502 Digital Method 5 Sampling Console

XD-502 Digital Method 5 Sampling Console

The XC-502 is an all-in-one digital isokinetic source sampler that offers numerous features to increase convenience and efficiency for stack testers. 

The latest installation in the Apex Instruments Peak 32 series, the XD-502 is powered by the PIC32 microcontroller module and features a sunlight-readable backlit display.

The console allows operators to monitor gas velocity, temperatures, pressures, sample flow rates, and volumes to maintain isokinetic sampling conditions. It can be easily adapted to test for a wide range of pollutants from stationary sources, such as particulate matter including PM 2.5 and PM10 fractions, metals, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), dioxins/ furans, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and many more pollutants with adaptations of this basic isokinetic test method. Potential adaptations for other procedures include Methods 2, 4, 17, 23, 26A, 29, 201A, and 202.  


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The console uses an internal diaphragm pump, reducing the weight of the console and pump portion of the train from 80 lbs to 40 lbs (a 50% reduction). The console can be ordered without the internal pump and used with any external pump.

The XD-502 also includes our new multi-function sunlight-readable transflective display, an easy-to-use 4 button keypad, and sensors for measuring temperatures and pressures. Equipped with the Peak 32 micro-controller module, the console accommodates user-adjustable dampening for stable display of the ∆P and ∆H values. In addition, the console offers a mobile web interface that allows multiple users to view the console’s live status and parameters remotely.

With quick and easy menu navigation to access and control sampling operations such as auditing and calibrating, this digital console is the best choice for a portable and easy-to-use alternative to the traditional Method 5 Console.

Features and Benefits:

Sample run K Factor stored in console settings

The 502 makes it easier than ever to maintain isokinetic sampling conditions by storing the sample K Factor in the console settings. It calculates and presents a live display of the target ΔH using the ΔP measurement. Stack testers can instantly see the target ΔH without the need to manually recalculate on the stack for each traverse point.

Timer control option for pump

The console provides an option to control the pump with the sample run timer. If desired, it can be set up to turn the pump on and off when the timer starts or stops.  

USB data export

USB data export port allows for easy data retrieval without relying on a laptop.

Traverse point alarm

A traverse point alarm has been added to the front of the console in the form of a physical buzzer. The buzzer has an adjustable level and alerts the stack tester of upcoming traverse points and lets them know when the probe needs to be moved to the next traverse point. 

Multiple language support

Software and data export can now be translated to a growing list of languages.  

XD-502 Display

Our new backlit sunlight-readable display is programmed specifically for isokinetic sampling. With easy-to-navigate menus and quick response times, the display allows stack testers to: 

  • Set and manage traverse point data collection 
  • Configure the saving of periodic data points 
  • Set markers for stack testing events 
  • Convenient maintenance of isokinetic sampling with timer, ΔH, ΔP, and volume display screen 
  • Perform leak checks before, during, and after collection 
  • Stores all data collection to be exported later

Main Screen Navigation

• Displays eight temperature readouts simultaneously for faster data recording and measurement 
• Traverse point tracking to help you stay on track during your test

Operations Options Menu


  • Adjustable ΔP and ΔH damping and damping bands to reduce errors caused by source fluctuations
  • Set traverse times and periodic data captures based on your specific sampling needs
  • Timer and differential pressure display screen for easy maintenance of isokinetics
  • Easily switch between measurement unit types

Leak Test and Notes Menu

  • Pause the test anytime and perform intermediate leak test independently from overall test data
  • Set markers and notes for data export later to help you manage unexpected stack test events

XD-502 Software

The XD-502 Software was specifically designed to complement and enhance the productivity of isokinetic stack sampling. While the software is helpful in performing a sampling test, it is not necessary for sampling operations. Using this intuitive and reliable software, the stack tester will be able to:

  • Export the data collection to an easily readable Excel File
  • Perform all necessary stack sampling functions
  • Observe all stack testing measurements in one place
  • Tune calibrations as needed according to regulations
  • Quick and easy sampling train calibrations

Data Export Capabilities

  • Data points are collected periodically or manually
  • Data is stored on the console to be exported at any time
  • Export includes test run averages, traverse points, and raw data all neatly organized on a CVS file


Display: 4×20 character back-lit transflective liquid crystal display with a toggle between timer, total volume, delta P, delta H or 8-channel TC readout

Dry gas meter: Model SK25EX, multi-chamber positive displacement meter (fitted with a quadrature encoder), Qmax for air 4.1 m3/h at 220 Pa, Qmin 0.26 L/min resolution 0.002 Liter, cyclic volume 0.7 L, 41 LPM max, 400 pulses per revolution, accuracy 1.5% at volumes greater than 10 liters, type-K thermocouple for exit temperature

Flow indicator: Precision-machined stainless-steel orifice with a pressure transducer, range 0 – 5 in H2O (1245 Pa) resolution of 0.01” (1 Pa)

Temperature measurement: 8-channel individually isolated type-K thermocouple meter, °C/°F selectable, -200 °C to 1372 °C range. (-328 °F to 2502 °F)

Probe temperature control: Compact, 1/32 DIN auto-tuning indicating temperature controller with separate 25-amp solid-state relay; type-K jack for input

Digital pressure transducers:

  • ΔP +/- 1.0” (+/-249 PA) and +/- 10.0” (+/-2491 Pa) range bi-directional with 0.001” (1 Pa) resolution
  • ΔH +/-5.0” (+/-1245 Pa) range bi-directional with 0.01” (1 Pa) resolution
    (ΔP automatically selects appropriate transducer for current flow)

Data export: USB or WiFi batch downloads using included software

Alarm Buzzer: 12V

Vacuum gauge: Digital scale, 0-30 in Hg or 0-100kPa

Umbilical connection:

  • Electrical: 4-conductor circular connector with grounded shell
  • Sample inlet: 1/2” stainless-steel instrumental quick-connect (alternative sizes available)
  • Pitot connections: 1/4” stainless-steel instrumental quick connects
  • Thermocouples: aux, stack, probe, oven, filter, exit

Power: 120 V, 150 W, 24V/6.3A, IEC C-14 inlet

Dimensions: H17” x W17” x D12” (43 cm x 43 cm x 30.5 cm)

Weight: 40 lbs (18 kg) base

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