Alleviate Tension on Parts with Convenient Strain Reliefs 

Dedicated to providing high-quality sampling products that are convenient to use, Apex Instruments equips all our umbilical junction boxes with a pad eye and carabiner to relieve unnecessary load on umbilical connections and ensure that mating components remain securely connected.

When strain reliefs are not properly installed and utilized, the weight of train components can put significant strain on certain parts, typically those that are shortest in length, which can lead to equipment damage and failure. To solve this problem, we have added additional strain reliefs in places where many stack testers were using temporary solutions like tape, zip ties, or rope to relieve unintended load.

Strain Relief pictured with carabiner and braided metal wire
Strain Relief pictured with carabiner and braided metal wire

Well-designed and properly used strain reliefs offer several benefits, including protecting equipment from damage, increasing the longevity of the component parts, and helping the stack tester maintain an organized working environment. Strain reliefs also help to avoid plugs or kinks in the lines and prevent the sample lines from being disconnected while moving a sampling system.

With a focus on making our sampling products as convenient and easy to use as possible, we’ve installed pad eye anchor points to a wide variety of products, including hot boxes; probe junction boxes; sample frames with probe clamps; Method 17 sheaths; Method 4 and Method 17 umbilical cords; Method 4, Method 5 and Method 17 sampling kits; and heated filter ovens. In addition, we have improved our umbilical cable design by adding a braided metal wire, which reduces tension on the umbilical cable connections.

Please contact an Apex Instruments sales representative at (800) 882-3214 or with questions about products with strain reliefs or other sampling needs.