The Apex Instruments Technical Services Group is here to help you get the most out of your products. Whether you need help with set up or you need assistance troubleshooting your stack test, TSG is here for you.

Call today for your technical service consultation or request a Technical Services Group member to arrive on-site for your technical services needs.

Services offered by our Technical Services Group:

  • Service/repair
  • Calibration – in-house
  • Training – in-house/on-site
  • Install/commissioning

Friendly reminders to our customers:

  • Don’t forget about your annual calibrations
  • Keep your systems maintained and check regularly in order to prevent malfunctions
  • Make sure you are properly trained in how to use our systems to ensure safe, proper use
  • Ensure proper installation of your sampling system for proper use and results

Technical Service Group
Phone: 1-919-557-7300