Apex Instruments Now an Authorized Reseller for Dyacon, Inc.

Apex Instruments is pleased to announce that we are now an authorized reseller for Dyacon, Inc. Established in 2007, Dyacon has been designing and manufacturing an extensive line of rugged and cost-effective weather instruments since 2012. 

In comparison to other weather instrument providers that use third-party sensors, Dyacon designs and manufactures their own sensors, weather station controllers, and weather data portal. Unlike some of the other datalogger-based weather stations, Dyacon’s equipment does not require extensive technical background to be installed and configured. In their own words, “Most industrial technicians can easily handle the task, thus reducing total system cost and eliminating the need for outside consultants. Our working motto is: if you can install a light switch and program the time on a microwave oven, then you can install a Dyacon weather station.” 

For more information about Dyacon, Inc. and their products, please visit their website at Dyacon Weather Instruments. 

To inquire about purchasing Dyacon Weather Instruments from Apex, please contact sales@apexinst.com.