Improvements to Method 2/4 Combination Sampling Train

In an ongoing effort to ensure that Apex Instruments is offering the best stack testing solutions, we often revisit EPA methods and our corresponding equipment. During our latest review of the Method 2 and Method 4 combination sampling train, we found several opportunities to improve efficiency and convenience.

Heated Sample Line
The EPA recommends that a heated sample line be used for Method 4 testing. The heated line improves accuracy by preventing condensation, which can bias the result by skewing moisture content.

[New] Probe Support Tripod
The new probe tripod is a light-weight probe support for traversing on stacks that don’t accommodate a monorail setup.

Quick Connect
The Method 5 Probe, which is used in Method 2/4 testing, now connects to the rest of the sample line through an easy-to-use, tool-less quick connect. The quick connect will minimize hassle for stack testers and eliminate drop hazards.

[New] Strain Relief Handle [SRH-16]
We are introducing a new strain relief and handle combination that makes for easier probe handling.

[New] Junction Box
A common complaint from stack testers is that of thermocouples getting caught in grates. The new junction box eliminates this problem by encapsulating wires into a compact unit, thereby giving testers better control of thermocouples and an easy wire management solution.