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NST Nozzle Set-1
Apex has a large selection of button-hook nozzles in multiple materials. Determining the size needed for isokinetic sampling depends on the stack gas velocity. Determining the material depends on the stack temperature and the sampling method. We provide technical support and can help with configuration.

Unique to Apex Instruments, the stainless steel nozzle shank has an integrated ferrule with O-ring groove. The most popular nozzles are constructed from seamless 316 stainless steel and can be coated with FEP or SilcoSteelCR®. Standard sampling nozzles are 4 inches long and have a 5/8-inch outer diameter shank for attaching to the probe union. Other sizes and configurations are available. Nozzles must be measured/calibrated before initial use. Other nozzle materials include PTFE-lined, alloy 600, borosilicate glass and quartz.

Nozzle TypeAppearance
GlassNozzle Brush (NB-...)
QuartzNozzle Brush (NB-...)
Stainless SteelNozzle Brush (NB-...)
Threaded Stainless SteelThreaded Nozzle
PTFE-Coated Stainless Steel
SilcoNert® Coated Stainless SteelSilco Coated Nozzle
InconelNozzle Brush (NB-...)
Tapered GlassNozzle Brush (NB-...)
Tapered QuartzNozzle Brush (NB-...)
Nozzle SetsNozzle Brush (NB-...)

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