2-Dimensional Probe (3-Hole Pitot)


The Apex Instruments 2-Dimensional probe is used in Method 2G for measuring the velocity pressure and the yaw angle of the flow velocity vector in a stack or duct using measurements and a determination of the stack gas density, the average near-axial velocity of the stack gas is calculated. The rear-axial velocity of the stack gas accounts for the yaw, but not the pitch component of flow. The average gas volumetric flow rate in the stack or duct is then determined from the average near-axial velocity. The inclinometer is used for the determination of the calibrated yaw offset. The pitot is designed to be inserted into our 2-inch diameter probe extension. The pitot tube must be calibrated in accordance with Method 2G prior to use.

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?Works with the XC-3D55 manual system as well as the Accu-Flow automated system. For more information call an Apex sales representative.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 8 × 7 in