Hybrid impinger assembly with a plain stem.

Our new impinger series allows the user to SAFELY REMOVE THE GLASSWARE INSERT.

The design uses a silicone gasket and a threaded cap to create a greaseless, high-vacuum seal and an inner taper to hold the glass insert steady.

Call an Apex Instruments representative today to switch out one or all of your regular sized impingers for our safer impinger models!

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  • Safe removal of impinger insert
    • Easily removes a stuck insert
    • Dramatically reduces the risk of breaking glass during removal
  • Easier recovery of reagents through the side arm
  • A more reliable seal between impinger and insert
  • Interchangeable with current GN series Impingers

Connection to glassware train:

  • #28 ball and socket connections

Impinger insert connection:

  • Tapered and threaded
  • Sealed with cap and silicone gasket
  • The insert is stabilized with tapered interior

Hybrid impingers insert removal tool

SafeTaper Impinger Insert Removal Tool
GH-SEP – Impinger Insert Removal Tool
  1. Included with every set of GH series impingers
  2. Part number GH-SEP

To use the insert removal tool: (SEE GRAPHIC BELOW)

  1. Snap the removal tool in place
  2. Unscrew the cap
  3. Easily remove the insert
Demonstration of GH Series Glassware Insert Removal Process
Demonstration of GH Series Impinger Insert Removal Process

Replacement parts:

  • Impinger cap: GA-GL-45BB
  • Silicone gasket: GA-GL-45/32S
  • Ball and socket O-rings: O-116V
  • Insert removal tool: GH-SEP

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 5 × 5 in