Particle Sizing Data Reduction Software (PM-2.5-10C)


? Calculates each stage?s aerodynamic cut point and DP50, needed to reduce particle size data.
? Calculates and Stores ancillary data, such as dry gas composition and moisture content.
? Reduces velocity traverse data.
? Aids in selection of sample flow rates and ideal nozzle size.
? Calculates flow rates and dwell times required for PM10 and PM2.5 sampling traverses.
? Calculates fractional efficiencies of control devices from samples obtained at inlets and outlets.

Ask for the ISOCYCLONE1.0 PM10/2.5 IsoCyclone Data Collection and Reduction Spreadsheet (MS Excel Workbook).


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Windows-based Cascade Impactor Data Reduction System (WINCIDRS) calculates particle size distribution of stack particulate matter (PM) taken with the Cascade Impactor, as well as particle sizing cyclones. Developed by stack particle analysis experts, this software reduces the time and chances of error involved with reducing particle sizing data.