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Stainless Steel Filter Assembly 2590

Stainless Steel Filter Assembly 2590

The SFA-2590, Stainless Steel Filter Assembly, is designed to provide a positive seal against leakage from the outside or around the filter.  The Thimble Filters are made of seamless Borosilicate Microglass fibers with an efficiency greater than 99.95% for 0.3 micron particles.  We also offer Quartz Silica fiber thimble filters.



The enhanced SFA-2590 has evolved in several positive significant way.  Compared to the original, the enhanced model:

  • Is 50% lighter making it easier to carry and handle
  • Will accept a PTFE (GF-2590T), Quartz Silica (GF-2590Q) or Borosilicate Micro-Fiber (GF-2590) filter
  • Has a reduced diameter which means less blockage of the stack by about 2 square inches per traverse point
  • Uses fewer parts, which means a lower price
  • Requires a MPT-6-308 pitot tube


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