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VSC-33: Method 3 Orsat Analyzer

VSC-33: Method 3 Orsat Analyzer

Method 3 determines CO2 and O2 concentrations and dry molecular weight of a sample from an effluent gas stream. The gas sample is analyzed for CO2 and O2 on a gas absorption basis, results are expressed in percentage units. For dry molecular weight determination, either an Orsat or a Fyrite analyzer may be used for the calculations.

The Orsat Analyzer Train is designed specifically for Method 3, for analysis of integrated or grab bag samples collected in Tedlar® bags. A liquid filled leveling bottle moves the integrated sample through a graduated glass burette and absorption pipettes containing absorbing reagents. The resulting changes in volume measure percent of O2, CO2 and CO. The burette is water jacketed for temperature stability.

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The analyzer set-up consists of the following components:

  • The following components are contained in the VersaCase III as shown above using the support brackets
  • Graduated glass burette which is water jacketed for temperature stability
  • Three glass absorption pipettes containing absorbing reagents
  • The three pipettes are connected to the 3-compartment Tedlar® bag, which is hung behind the pipettes, by way of the valves on the gas expansion bag
  • A liquid-filled leveling bottle that is used to move the sample through the burette and pipettes

Orsat Accessories:

For more information on the Orsat Gas Analyzer, click here.

Part #Description
Squeeze bulb pump
GA-GL-18CSolid cap with #18 threads and seal
GA-22C#22 solid cap, #22 threads with seal
GA-30BBored cap with #30 threads, 22 mm inner diameter
GA-30SSilicone seal ting #30 threads, 22 mm inner diameter
OG-1V/18Burette, with 3-way valve and water jacket, PTFE valve body, 100 mL, scale 0-30% x 0.01
OG-2Aspirator bottle
OG-5VContact pipette, valved, insert only
OG-5BPipette bottle with hose barb
TB-3V-PGas sampling bag, three compartments with three poly valves.
TR-5/3Black rubber tubing,  5/16-inch outer diameter x 3/16-inch inner diameter, per foot
CLP-2P2-inch tube clamp, green, with brass knurled nuts
VSB3-OPVersaCase mounting plate

 Replacement Fluids:

Domestic delivery only. Sold by the case (12 bottles per case). Drop shipped by vendor due to Hazardous Classification.

Part #Description
B39-710Burrell Oxsorbent solution for determining oxygen in gas analysis, 8-oz bottles
B39-720Burrell Cosorbent, solution for determining carbon monoxide in gas analysis, 8-oz bottles
B39-730Burrell Disorbent solution for determining carbon dioxide in gas analysis, 16-oz bottles

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