Calibration Services

Meter Calibration and Calibration Services


Calibration services are available from Apex Instruments. Apex performs calibrations using a wet test meter and bell-prover primary standard. All console and dry gas meter calibrations are conducted in accordance with U.S. EPA standards. Apex Instruments calibrates source sampler consoles, reference dry gas meters, orifices, and pitots.

To receive a quote or more information about a Calibration, contact our Technical Sales Group (TSG) directly by phone or email.

Technical Support email:
Technical Support number: (877) 726-3919

Wind Tunnel Calibrations

Dry Gas Meter Calibrations

We offer a variety of Dry Gas Meter Calibrations. Ranging from 2 to 15 points of calibration, and low to high flow rates.

Critical Orifices Calibration Services

  • CAL-ORF: Orifice calibration, 3-point (priced per orifice assembly)

Pitot Calibrations

  • PT-CAL-G: geometric of type-S pitot tube to Method 2
  • PT-CAL-W: wind tunnel of type-S pitot tube to Method 2

Nozzle Calibrations

  • US EPA Method 5 calibrations
  • Size and serial number engraving