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Flow, Pressure, and Temperature

XC-3D55 System (with 2d Probe) - new model

We offer the automated Accu-Flow systems and the manual 3D flow measurement systems as well as pitot tubes, modular pitots, standard pitots, cam-locks, flanges, port adapters and packing glands.

Additionally, we carry liquid manometers, hand held digital manometers, air velocity kits, magnehelic gauges, anemometers, pressure and temperature transducers/transmitters and supporting accessories.

Velocity Measurement – US EPA Method 2 is performed to determine the average stack gas velocity from measurement of the gas density and average velocity head using Type “S” (Stausscheibe or reverse type) pitot tube. Apex Instruments manufactures and guarantees Type “S” Pitot tubes in accordance with the Method 2 design specifications. A variety of materials, sizes and configurations are available. The most common are constructed from either 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch OD Stainless Steel or Alloy 600 tubing. Apex Instruments offers calibration equipment and services, too.