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30B System BAnner

Sorbent Trap Monitoring Systems for mercury (STM) are designed for continuous dual sampling of vapor-phase mercury emissions from stationary combustion sources and are designed specifically to satisfy the US EPA mandated compliance for MATs reporting. All Apex mercury products are manufactured in accordance with the U.S. EPA MATS published in 40 CFR, Part 60 & 63, Appendix A, Subpart UUUUU.

Apex Instruments offers several STM systems to meet your mercury testing needs.

The Apex Instruments automated XC-6000EM MercSampler Sorbent Trap Monitoring Systems (STM) is designed to perform continuous repetitive in-stack sampling in compliance with US EPA PS-12B by using paired sorbent media traps with periodic analysis of the time-integrated samples. Power generation utilities and cement utilities will be able to measure and obtain accurate and reliable mercury emissions reporting data in compliance with the MATS rule.

The automated XC-30B system is designed to comply with and perform US EPA reference method 30B for RATA’s of vapor-phase mercury continuous emission monitors (CEMs) and sorbent trap monitoring systems (such as the XC-6000). Apex Instruments also offers the XC-260 console, a manual method 30B console.

Our AK-STM-12B mercury Audit kit is manufactured to perform PS 12B mandated audits of both the XC-6000 STM system and the XC30B/XC-260 method 30B RATA systems.

Apex Instruments also offers a variety of mercury sorbent traps for use in your XC-6000 and XC-30B systems as well as R&D traps. All traps can be manufactured for special stack conditions such as high temps, acid gases or wet stack applications.